Martin Hopley

The TaylorMade R11 irons follow in a long line of irons that are very easy to hit. The first thing you notice is the over-size heads, which site beautifully behind the ball without looking too chunky. The top line is a nice width and the progressive offset, that increases as you go up the set, is not too pronounced so even better players will appreciate the lines of the TaylorMade R11 irons.

Like previous models the heads feel light and are effortless to swing. The ball went on a nice medium high trajectory and the feel right across the face was lovely. With the centre of gravity rising through the set, even the long-irons are a joy to hit and better players may choose to stick with these rather than go for a hybrid as they are just as easy to hit and more accurate.

Given that there is decent sized cavity in the back of the heads, you hardly notice it visually and the sound at impact of the TaylorMade R11 irons is very good, whilst not being as completely solid as say a blade iron. They are very forgiving on mis-hits, although this forgiveness makes shaping the ball a little harder if you are trying for small fades or draws. Bigger movements in shot shape are easier, so the shot shapers among you may prefer the TaylorMade Tour Preferred irons.

However we are splitting hairs here as there is very little wrong with these irons and an awful lot that is right. From the performance to the stylish looks the TaylorMade R11 is a 'must try' set of irons for low to mid handicap golfers.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 4 stars:
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TaylorMade R11 Irons - Product Details

UK Launch01 September 2011
USA Launch01 September 2011
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Set Makeup3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

User Reviews

Fred Frey
October 2018

Love my TaylorMade clubs. Just got my 4th hole in one with my Taylormade 7wood, on 9-11-18. Lost my Taylormade sand wedge about 3 weeks ago, so I've been opening up my Taylormade gap wedge and getting out of traps just fine. But I'm looking for another Taylormade R-11 sand wedge , and also a Taylormade R-11 3 utility club. I use white tacky Wiinn grips on all my clubs, but my Odyssey 2 ball putter. Also had my new TaylorMade twist face driver extended 2 inches, and set at 9.5 launch. Hitting further and straighter everyday. Thankyou TaylorMade!!!

March 2016

Had CB TaylorMade irons and have switched over to R11 irons. Absolutely pounding the ball with a beautiful ball flight.

December 2012

Well what can I say about the Taylormade R11? Having brought these for my first set off golf clubs about 12 months ago.They are now fully tested and in my opinion as a mid handicap I feel these clubs are some off the best! With the deals out there, there is a bargin to be had from £300 up.

YES, they have been superseeded with the rocketballz and new rocketbladez but if your new to the game they are very forgiving and are brilliant off the tee with easy control.

Around the fairways and greens they have the feel off confidence. The heads are larger than a typical players club. These are geared for scratch to 20 handicaps, so they will be larger than others. The heads are progressive in shape, but that's not noticeable when playing like Burners. The leading edge is sharper and there's less camber to appeal to a better player.

These irons are a lot of fun to play. You feel like you can go after it and hammer the ball with great results.

Brad Blair
August 2011

Wow. Thought about leaving my review as that, but I will expand. The R11s look a little rounded and a little oversized, but their performance is incredible. Ball flight is very long, without being too high, like a lot of game improvement irons. I was amazed just how straight the ball was flying as well, even on mishits. While I am not sure low handicappers will like the rounded, slightly-chunky, oversized look, I doubt they would deny the R11's performance. Ideal if you typically shoot in the 80s, and are looking to get into the 70s.

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Media Reviews

Golf Monthly
October 2011
Few low handicappers will see the topline as too thick

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