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TaylorMade first introduced the Burner name with their original metal drivers and since then it has come and gone a few times, most recently when it was surplanted as the 'hot' brand by the RocketBallz family. Now it is reincarnated again in the AeroBurner driver and the difference with the original driver could hardly be more different.

TaylorMade Burner Driver

As we are used to now, in order to get more distance you need to make the club head move faster and there are a few classic ways to do this such as having a longer shaft, a more aerodynamic head and a lighter overall weight. TaylorMade has used all of these in the past, but maybe have got away from doing them all in recent models. In the AeroBurner driver they have gone for a package that brings all three back together again.

As well as being different from the original Burner, the AeroBurner is also quite different to the TaylorMade JetSpeed driver that it replaces. The JetSpeed failed to really take off, which I was quite surprised about as it was cheaper and more forgiving than the SLDR driver and quite a few tour players put it in play too.

One of the possible reasons was that is was quite conservative in its looks, which you cannot say about the AeroBurner with it's white crown and red paint job.

TaylorMade AeroBurner JetSpeed Address Comparison

It's meant to have shelf appeal for the 'grip it and rip it' crowd and I think it certainly does, especially with the number 1 in relief on the sole, but what else does it offer?

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Sole

Where the JetSpeed led the way with Speed Pockets for drivers, the AeroBurner turns the gentle smirk into a big grin with a Speed Pocket that is twice as long and much deeper and wider.

TaylorMade AeroBurner JetSpeed Driver Speed Pocket

This increases the ball speed on off-centre hits to reduce the loss of distance and certainly the club felt very forgiving. I also liked the sound at impact, which was fairly tame for TaylorMade, but was still a lively crack combined with a solid thump that put a smile on your face.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Toe

The other thing you notice when swinging the club was how light it felt. The Matrix Speed RUL-Z (do you see what they did there?) 50 gram shaft keeps the white theme going and is very light. I tried a stiff flex and it was actually pretty robust, although the weight of it may not be heavy enough for higher swing speed players.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Matrix Shaft

It is a now average length for TaylorMade drivers at 45.75 inches, but I have to say that it did not look or feel like it when you addressed the ball or swung the club.

The final aspect of the design is the aerodynamics and TaylorMade has used a textured crown with a smooth raised centre section to help the head slip through the air. This combines with the Aero Hosel, which is a small fin attached to the back of the hosel where it joins the head.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Aero Hosel

It is tough to do a direct comparison on the speed of the AeroBurner against the JetSpeed as it is a different shaft and there is no adjustable hosel on the AeroBurner. However the AeroBurner did feel lighter and certainly not slower.

The aerodynamic claims all makes sense though and if you need assistance with getting the ball going then the AeroBurner is going to be better than the JetSpeed, not only because of the reduced weight, but also because it launches the ball higher with more spin. If you are between lofts then it could be a case of lofting down rather than up.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Face

Some high swing speed players over around 95 mph may find the set up of the AeroBurner is too light, in which case there is a TP option with a 2° flatter lie and and a choice of 45 inch heavier shaft. This could be a good fun club, but you will have to pay an extra £70 and that is only £30 short of what you could have a TaylorMade R15 driver for, which also offers more adjustablity options.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Headcover

Overall I have to say I did like the TaylorMade AeroBurner driver because it sounded great, felt good and put a smile on my face when I was hitting it and if a club does that to you, then it is usually on the right track.

Unfortunately it is not for me because as a 100mph swing player in the standard set up, it is too light and puts too much spin on the ball which increases the trajectory. I could trade up to the TP version and I am tempted, but for similar or less money I could get an R15 or several other drivers that have better set ups for my speed of swing, with adjustability thrown in too.

However if you are a paid up member of the 'grip it and rip it' club and have a medium to low swing speed and want a driver that is light enough to swing fast with lots of forgiveness, then the AeroBurner is hot for you.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver - Product Details

UK Launch09 January 2015
UK Launch RRP£269
Handicap Range
Left Handed Lofts9.5°, 10.5°, 12°
Right Handed Lofts9.5°, 10.5°, 12°
Colour OptionsWhite
Head Volume460 cc
Club Length45.75 inches
Swing WeightD3, D4
Shaft NameTM Matrix Speed RUL-Z 50
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexLadies, Regular, Stiff, X Stiff
Shaft Weight50g
GripLamkin UTx
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

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User Reviews

October 2018

Does not compare to my Titleist for distance. Two of my pals hit it longér than me though. It just doesnt suit me.

Yvan Couture , Sherbrooke,Qc
July 2018

Since last year ,I was playing with the M1 driver. I tried a lot of things to get my drive longer.... didn’t happen. And then I had that driver, the Aeroburner, was in my basement for 4 years I would say . Today going to the driving range and grabbed that driver. I can’t believe! Easily 20 yards longer than my M1 with a nice draw, not a hook.

Mr. Small
August 2017

I've been using this club and it has been working out pretty good for me. 220+ yards every drive and nice and straight. I would recommend this club because it also has a nice feel when you swing; not too light but at the same time not too heavy.

June 2017

Put a Grafalloy Platinum X in the Aeroburner 10.5 and I have to say super driver! Great accuracy and very long. Flying some dogleg that I used to barely reach!!

October 2016

A spraying machine, I might hit it a little farther but I have no Idea where it's going, I'm going back to my Callaway FT-iZ because the fairway doesn't have sand traps or rough. Some times even a great driver isn't great driver for you. Grip it and rip it all over the place.

September 2016

Great driver, I hit 270+ with my last driver, now I can launch it to 320. One time I launched it 360 yards, I couldn't believe it, it's truly amazing.

July 2016

I wanted the R15, but after several sessions with the launch monitor I kept hitting the AeroBurner TP the best - longer and consistently straighter. Tried all sorts of other brands and models as well. My swing speed ranges around 105, I have the 9.5 and stiff shaft, and sometimes my launch angle gets too high - but that is a swing fault I am learning to minimise. I am able to hit many 290+ in the launch monitor and also on the course with this club. Fantastic! Took me a while to get past the idea of not having adjustability, but the launch monitor doesn't lie. Absolutely love this club! I bombed one last weekend and my son could not believe it - 315! He regularly out hit me with his Titleist 913 until I got the AeroBurner TP.

July 2016

I would say for me the best part is the off centre non sweet spot strikes. They go extremely far. A perfect strike for me will fly about 305 total distance. The off centre hit will fly about 275. That's awesome considering and the feel at impact is beautiful. You know right away exactly where you struck the face.

April 2016

I bought the AeroBurner driver after reading all the reviews. After using this driver for one week I cannot believe the distance I get and the accuracy I get.. At my age (76) getting 15-20 more yards is unreal. This truly is a great driver and I am now a believer that some things you read are for real. It is nice to get back some of the yardage I have lost over the last few years.

April 2016

Love it! Long and straight every time. Can work a draw effortlessly. Just lucky to discover it while testing drivers. I have a slow smooth swing and the AeroBurner is perfect for that .

April 2016

I have a full AeroBurner set and they are awesome. Driver packs a big punch if you're looking for distance. If you want a fancy club with weights, get this instead! I can drive my ball now since I'm only 12 with a handicap of 15.5, 255 yards! That's 55 yards more then my other driver! Amazing!

September 2015

I hit this club today about 50 times. I swing 112 mph with it at reg flex it went a mile in the air but today was down wind 2 mph or still so I was able to nail to tomorrow extra 35 yards at times 280 yards carry. I toned down my swing and found this club will perform it's best right at 96 mph give or take. It's stock 50 gram 45.75 inch is long makes me want to go 46.75 at x flex to see how it performs in the 110 mph range.

July 2015

I'm 14 and I normally drive 215 but since I've got the aero burner I drive 230.

June 2015

I would drive the ball approximately 225 yards with my previous driver. After two swings with this club I ripped it straight and 264 yards. By far my longest drive. I registered 100mph which is quite a fast swing but that's with no pressure at the store so I went full out. I can take a bit off and still get the desired results on the course. Flawless club.

April 2015

Excellent video. After watching I felt the comments were speaking directly to my needs and I purchased the driver last week. After a couple of early season rounds this driver has produced higher flight and longer carry while keeping me a very straight hitter. I am late sixties, 17 handicap, with a 75-80 mph swing speed. I am 15 to 20 yards longer than my Big Bertha V Series produced and I can't thank you enough for the excellent and dead on review. I'll be enjoying my summer more.

Jim New Hampshire USA

April 2015

I picked one up after not finding a Ping product that would compare. I'm a Ping loyalist (9 years) that switched when this driver increased my ball speed by 6 mph. The higher flight and more ball velocity has rendered roughly 10 to 15 yards longer for me. I have used the G25 for 2 years, and had tried every offering from Nike, TM and Titleist trying to find the next best thing, no luck. G25 continued to beat them all, then I went to buy a G30 LS, and after trying 5 different shafts went back to the standard G30. I did not find a significant improvement over the G25. That was until the salesman at Roger Dunn suggested TM, I quickly responded with "I tested the R15 and did not like it", he indicated to test the TP Aero. Long story short, this drive was significantly better after the first swing and only got better. I put it in the bag and played the same day, I was rewarded with the longest drives I have hit in the last 10 years. I'm an 8 handicap, my swing speed is 98-102 mph, always with a mid trajectory, this club goes 105 mph or more and the trajectory is higher! Playing into the wind is simple, move the ball back a bit and swing it 80% for low solid drives. Thank you TM, this is the perfect driver for my swing.

April 2015

Been golfing since 2007 and never managed to reach the 200 yard marker at the driving range, despite generally hitting 220 yards on the course. Third ball using the AeroBurner driver I smacked the marker dead centre!! Can't wait till I'm out on the course with friends.

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