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If you want to track your shots using GPS, but don't want to wear something on your wrist then the SkyCaddie SkyGolf Gametracker GT2 Practice Aid is the answer.

SkyCaddie SkyGolf Gametracker GT2

It works in the same way as the shot tracking on the SkyCaddie Linx GT GPS watch, but all the data collection is done by the Gametracker GT2 unit that clips on to your belt or trousers.

SkyCaddie SkyGolf Gametracker GT2

The 7.5 x 5 x 3 cm unit weights 60g (2.1 oz) and is charged via a mini USB cable that is supplied and plugs into a connector that is protected by a rubber seal.

SkyCaddie SkyGolf Gametracker GT2

It needs to be placed on your leading hip, so the left hip for right handed golfers, and from the movement of your body it knows when an actual swing has been taken rather than a practice one and marks the GPS position.

The GT2 pairs with the SkyCaddie app on your Android or iOS smartphone to transfer the shot data either in real time or after the round. My suggestion would be to tell the GT2 to wait until after the round to sync data as otherwise it is continually doing it after every shot which stops you from using the SkyCaddie app to see how far you have for your next shot or entering the score for the hole you have just played.

SkyCaddie SkyGolf Gametracker GT2

You can either input the club you used manually during or after the round on the app, or by using the supplied SmartTags. Just screw the SmartTags in to the butt of your grips and then tell the app which sensor is in which club, which takes about 5 minutes.

SkyCaddie SkyGolf Gametracker GT2

Then on the course just tap or hold them close to the GT2 pad with the lime semi-circle on it and it will vibrate and beep to tell you it has recorded the club.

It's not particularly onerous to tap each club before or after each shot, but my preference was to just play as every swing was recorded automatically and then add the clubs after the round. The only exception to that was using the excellent sensor in the supplied pitchfork to mark the position of the ball on the green by tapping it against the GT2.

SkyCaddie SkyGolf Gametracker GT2

This then marks the spot where your approach finished and therefore you get more accurate data as otherwise it defaults to the centre of the green.

Like the Linx GT, the SkyCaddie system is unable to record where the flag is so your putting stats are limited to how many per green, but even with other systems the accuracy of the GPS signal does not really make the putting stats useful anyway.

As the GPS receiver on the smartphone is relatively small, the GT2 also acts as a signal booster to the SkyCaddie app so it should be more accurate than some other systems and then the app shows your progress in real time down each hole.

SkyCaddie SkyGolf Gametracker GT2

After the round you just sync the GT2 with the app on the phone and your shot data is uploaded to your SkyGolf360 account where it is superimposed on the maps of each hole and you can edit the position of the shot, add or remove shots and change club details if required.

SkyCaddie SkyGolf 360 Stats

You get a summary of your round with key stats and the option to go back and look at any hole in the round. You will need the course rating (SSS) and USGA Slope Rating in order to input and save the score so that it gets included in your overall stats.

SkyCaddie SkyGolf 360 Stats

Click on the My Game in your account online or on your phone and you get a historical summary of your game and clicking on Game Analyser takes this to the next level by trying to drill down into the data a bit further.

The Tee Shot and Approach Shot Scatter Plots are the most useful sections on this as you can see clearly over time how accurate you are overall or by course/hole/date range. What is most interesting is seeing where you miss the fairway or green and how often you do this, which can be quite sobering.

SkyCaddie SkyGolf 360 Stats

The rest of the other data could be better as I mentioned in my App review for the Skycaddie Linx GT watch so I won't repeat myself as hopefully they will be taking note and upgrading the stats analysis to deliver more and better insights.

SkyCaddie SkyGolf Gametracker GT2

Overall the SkyGolf Gametracker GT2 is an easy to use device recording scores for those who like tag tapping and for those that don't it has the option of doing the same job automatically.

This is its main USP over other tag tapping devices that have to be worn and automatic shot recording is where this market is going.

There is also the advantage of the GT2 integrating with the wider SkyGolf360 ecosystem of devices including the SkyCaddie app that enables you to use their ground verified maps on your phone as a handheld GPS during the round.

If you are in the SkyCaddie ecosystem then you may prefer wearing the GT2 on your belt than the Linx GT on your wrist as they both do the same job, but you would need the app for distances, whereas the watch uses its own screen as well as the app.

The first year of maps and SkyGolf360 is free and then there is an annual fee so that has to be factored in and frankly with all the permutations and combinations of tracking devices and membership options it’s hard to give a definitive answer on whether the Gametracker GT2 is good value or not.

Functionally it is a good product so the decision will depend on what devices you already have, what you want to measure and then if it fits in your budget.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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SkyCaddie SkyGolf Gametracker GT2 Golf Practice Aid

SkyCaddie SkyGolf Gametracker GT2 Golf Practice Aid - Product Details

UK LaunchMarch 2017
UK Launch RRP£179.95
USA LaunchMarch 2017
Manufacturer's WebsiteSkyCaddie Website

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September 2017

Garbage. Doesn't work with any of their devices so you have to pair it with your phone and an app. The app is buggy, and you need an internet connection on the course. Shot tracking is ok, but editing can be difficult - data loss is common. There are no analytics like other brands have. Battery life is less than two full rounds. Customer service is abysmal.

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