Martin Hopley

The Ping K15 driver has a much longer head front to back than the Ping G15 Driver and this delivers a more forgiving face with a slightly higher trajectory.

At address the head looks much larger as if someone has sat on the G15, but in a nice way. It gives you a lot of confidence and you just have to waft it near the ball to get another drive effortlessly away. A lot of these deep centre of gravity drivers end up looking a bit triangular, but Ping have managed to keep the lovely curved shape that their drivers have become renowned for.

The face is more rectangular than most drivers for more forgiveness and the SF Tec (Straight Flight Technology) heel bulge that you can see from the front is cleverly blended into the design so that you hardly notice it. The feel was very good indeed and due to the longer shallower head the impact sound is more high pitched than the G15 but still gives a powerful quality ping noise.

The Ping K15 driver was great fun to hit and if you struggle to get the ball off the ground with your driver then you should definitely try this out as it will get the ball airborne without sending it into the clouds.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:
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Ping K15 Driver

Ping K15 Driver - Product Details

UK Launch28 July 2010
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Right Handed Lofts9.5°, 10.5°, 12°
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexLight, Regular, Stiff, X Stiff
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

User Reviews

August 2015

Great driver and so easy to hit straight. I love it. It's hard to hit a slice with this driver but easy to get a draw if you want it. Using it has brought my handicap down to 10.

Gerard Canny
December 2012

Playing off 19 this club is exactly what I'm looking for.

Nice large head and deep face increases confidence and then you swing the club and the ball flies straight increasing confidence further. This is a very forgiving club with a high, straight ball flight.

This is a great club for us higher handicapped players to keep us on the fairway.

April 2012

Very difficult to hit the ball poorly with this driver, as long as you put a half-reasonable swing on it, it will go straight. It soon gives you the confidence to swing in a more relaxed manner as you expect the ball to be in play. It has a high, piercing ball flight and is deceptively long even on mishits, you'll know you have not hit it right but it will invariably still be down the fairway. It feels like you're cheating but you soon get used to it! I took delivery of mine and used it first time in the quarter finals of a fourball competition and suffice to say we are now in the semi finals.

February 2012

Never thought I would be joining these reviews as I thought it was all rubbish. Just hit the little white ball with what ever club you had. It you hit it right it went straight and long.

I should say I started golf 9 months ago and knew nothing and still dont haha. I am a bad slicer off the tee. Ive tried wilson dxi, callaway diablo, cobra zl and now the k15. WOW I agree with all the above comments.

Once I worked out my grip and ball placement that little white ball goes to where I aim it or within 20 metres left or right of my target line.

Im not a long hitter, with my stiff shaft cobra zl I hit 180-225metres depending on course slop and the stiff shaft Ping k15 220-250metres.

Now is that shaft or head increasing distance or the fact the flight is straighter with k15? Im guessing if I could hit the cobra straight I would get the same distance.

So how did these engineers design a club head to suit a bad swing? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I still have an ugly swing but the club is correcting something I am doing wrong. Will I become a better golfer if I stay with this club?

Anyway thanks Ping! the club is cheaper than paying for lessons and hours of practice. Im guessing my handicap will drop after this weeks comp.

November 2010

I'm handicap +20, 6ft 1inches tall and suffers from a natural tendency to fade my shots. I recently bought the K15 driver, regular TFC149 shaft. I had been using the Titleist 909D2 Aldila Voodoo stiff shaft, and had then recently changed to Ping's Rapture V2 regular shaft which I took back to the shop after 1 round because it was too 'soft and whippy' for me. When I finally tried the K15 driver, all my driving gremlins disappeared immediately because the feel of the club is just amazing through all the phases: address, backswing, transition, downswing, impact and finishing. The golf pro in the pro-shop told me to hit it 10 times behind the swing and ball-flight analyser and was shocked that I nailed 9 straight, long drives. The stats on ball spin, launch angle, shaft torque, etc were all unbelievably accurate within acceptable thresholds. I paid for the club immediately and off I went to the course where I've hit 15 out of 15 fairways with nice, straight drives of between 270 - 290 yards - PERIOD! The K15 driver head is very neutral and almost totally eliminates my slice due to its weight pad being towards the heel. The shaft I chose TFC149 has a superb feel to it for someone of my handicap. I've now taken all excuses off the table as far as the driving component of my game is concerned. All I can say now is THANK YOU PING!!!

August 2010

I was very keen to try the out the latest driver offering from Ping as I am a big fan of both the G10 and G15 drivers and the Ping K15 certainly did not disappoint. The K15 is a good looking driver, albeit slightly more awkward at address than the G15, and in trademark Ping fashion gives you plenty of confidence.The Straight Flight Technology certainly delivers and for players who struggle from the tee would certainly benefit from the consistently high and straight ball flight. In fact the fact that it is perhaps a little less workable than it's predecessors is my only complaint and Ping seem to have produced another winner!

July 2010

I was interested to try the Ping K15 driver because I was a big, big fan of the G15 and I was interested to see how the two compared. I was delighted to discover that the K15 is an even easier club to play.

I found that it went high, straight and far on almost every drive - a pretty rare experience for me. The sound is great as well and the Straight Fit Technology "bulge" is completely unobtrusive at address so the club looks great as well.

Another winner from Ping!

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Media Reviews

Golf Monthly
April 2011
Impressive distance and forgiveness.. not the prettiest at address
Golf World
March 2011
Massive head shape..genuine benefit for struggling golfers
Golf Monthly
October 2010
I loved this driver, easy to use, confidence boost.
Today's Golfer
October 2010
Designed to virtually eliminate the slice..translated to confidence.

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