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It is clear from the design and features of the Motocaddy S3 Digital electric golf trolley that a lot of thought has gone into it. The elegant frame looks very stylish and folds down very easily and clips together when folded to make lifting it into a car very easy, although if it does not stand vertically by itself if you need it to do that for storage.

The battery connector is the simplest on the market to use and there are great little touches like having R and L on the wheels so that when you take them on and off you put them back on the same way round to keep the tread patterns going the same way. We really like the front wheel adjustment which has a simple clip to loosen the wheel and then adjust the 2 small gear wheels on each side, no spanner required - brilliant!

The bag clips are very easy to use and adjust as they just stretch and hook on and the whole frame feels very light to manoeuvre even with a heavy bag on. The S3 Digital handle is a pleasure to grip and the digital display is clear and the touches of colour look great. The power comes on easily and the options of going up to 60 yards in 5 yard gaps on the Adjustable Distance Control offers more flexibility than other models.

There is also the option of setting a pin code with the Cart Lock feature so no-one can use your trolley (and run down your battery) if you leave it somewhere. The USB port under the handle is another example of thinking outside the box and ideal if you have a power hungry GPS phone. You will need to buy a cradle to hold it, although with a long flex you could just have it in one of the outside pockets on your bag.

So the best trolley in the market? Well....nearly. The speed controller is in a great position for stopping and starting the trolley as you just push it down, but for us the horizontal rotation to control the power is not as user friendly as a vertically rotating roller. The display is good, but there are a few irrelevant features such as the speed, which is too small to read anyway and the total lifetime distance the trolley has covered, which cannot be reset and is therefore of little use.

That brings us onto the whole distance measurement thing. As we have commented on other trolleys, there is little point having this as the trolley has to go in a direct line to measure the distance for a shot correctly and therefore you can only measure tee shots as you obviously can't take the trolley onto the green. More importantly, under current rules you will need to activate the 'competition mode' to disable the distance measurement function, or you will get disqualified if distance measuring devices are not permitted in a competition you are playing in.

So we are torn about this. We want to give it 5 stars because of all the great little features and the stylish design, plus the fact you can go online to Motocaddy's website and order a customised combination of trolley, wheel and bag colours plus personalised text to match your golfing style.

On the other hand it it was close to losing a star because of dubious distance measuring function and some of the other digital display 'clutter'. You pay your money and take you choices, but if these things are not an issue for you then the Motocaddy S3 Digital is one of the best electric golf trolleys in the market.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:
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Motocaddy S3 Digital Golf Trolley

Motocaddy S3 Digital Golf Trolley - Product Details

UK Launch01 June 2010
Trolley TypeElectric
Manufacturer's WebsiteMotocaddy Website

User Reviews

December 2012

Previously had a Powakaddy Classic Legend trolley and wanted a newer/better one for my birthday. My local pro recommended the Motocaddy S3 and said it was the best trolley he had ever come across. Went away and did some research and decided it was the one for me. So glad I decided on this one. Lightweight but sturdy, sleek looking and a truly awesome trolley. Love the yardage measuring capabilities it has, this has helped me measure out club distances and yardages on my home course that the yardage book didn't have. Really impressed and would highly recommend this trolley. I have since purchased the S1 for my son and that too is a great trolley. MOTOCADDY are the trollies for me!!!

February 2011

I went into American Golf to buy a Powakaddy Freeway II and came out with an S3 Digital Golf Trolley, plus the bag. I bought the standard 18-hole battery and actually it does thirty six holes without a charge. Its now a year old and still performing well. The accessories are pricey and not the best in the world but they function. The control and screen are great, easy to see even in bright sunshine. GPS charger is an excellent innovation. The cart folds down in seconds and easy to get in and out of the car, and the wheels come off to aid this. It will measure total distance, and the distance of your shots. It also alows you to send the trolley up to 60 yards ahead. It has a PIN code security key in case the people at your club are a bit light fingered! Does everything a Powakaddy will do and more.....highly recommended!

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Today's Golfer
November 2010
Gold Award. Stunning looks, very responsive, easy to use.

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