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The Mizuno JPX800 Pro iron is part of the JPX range that has been around in Japan for a while and is now moving outside the Orient to replace the MX range.

Mizuno say their aim is to create ‘Balanced Performance’ by combining feel, control, forgiveness, distance and looks in a single clubhead without one compromising the other.

For those who want a forged iron with a little more playability, there is also a JPX800 Pro version which is forged rather than cast like the standard JPX800 Iron. Mizuno say this is a players iron ‘elevates cosmetics to levels not seen on an MP iron’ and that is certainly true if this is important to you.

However it has a bigger sweet area and higher MOI than the MX-300 and MX-200 in a more compact head so it is ideal for good players who want a little more help than the MP irons usually offer. Compared to the MP-53 iron, the JPX800 Pro has more offset, a thicker topline and higher flight. The long irons in particular look great and are very good. Like the standard version the pro version also has a cavity blend as you go down the set to combine forgiveness with looks and performance.

The grooves on the face conform to the 2010 condition of competition regulations. The JPX800 Pro version is more forgiving than the MP-53 irons as you would expect, but the MPs have it on looks.

However Mizuno say that you can blend the sets to mix and match within the set if you want the best of both worlds.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:
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Mizuno JPX800 Pro Iron

Mizuno JPX800 Pro Irons - Product Details

UK Launch08 September 2010
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Shaft TypesSteel
Shaft FlexStiff, Regular
Set Makeup3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Manufacturer's WebsiteMizuno Website

User Reviews

October 2017

I went on a shopping spree to replace my JPX 800`s, only to find nothing better. (Maybe it is because I got to know them well over the years). Considering that these irons are originally strongly lofted and slightly different to some other clubs, which made me decide to increase the loft by 2 degrees on the whole set (for the type of golf I play). Lie angle were also adjusted a little bit. The result was an increase in spin, better ball flight, better descent (drop) angles onto the green and slightly better accuracy. Lost a few yards but to me, accuracy and stopping the ball on the green will always be more important than distance. For longer shots I use a hybrid or a fairway wood anyway, irons for attacking the pin. With good grips, proper swing and hitting the ball correctly, they will certainly not disappoint. (After a Mizuno iron shot, the next club you take is a putter).

October 2017

Love these Irons, picked up 2nd hand set after while out of game. Took while to get used to them but now feel really good, wont be changing for long time.

June 2017

7 years later I'm still using these irons. Simply gives me the feel and playability I need for my game. I know new technology is out there but it is a players iron and I am fitting that player mould.

June 2017

Great Irons. Make sure the shaft is right and they are amazing. Great combination of feel, forgiveness, and playability. One of Mizuno's best irons ever.

April 2017

Worst iron I ever owned, lost length usually, hit 8 from 150 now with these are hard 7.

May 2016

Mizuno has outdone themselves with these irons. NEVER hit a forged club this easy. I would recommend these clubs to any level player. I've played Mizuno irons for years and these top them all.

September 2010

All the hype about these new Mizuno Irons are true. They look better in person that in pictures. The acoustics are amazing when hit right. Hits off the toe do not lose too much distance. I have a combo set with this and the JPX 800, both paired with the nippon shafts.

The Pros offer great workability and a lower ball flight. When hit right, it brings a smile to your face, just knowing how smooth and buttery these irons truly feel. Same goes for the regular JPX 800, they look better in person. the sole on these are thicker and the cavity can be seen on the lower irons. However, the feel on these is amazing and does offer a little bit of workability. But if you want the ball to go straight no matter how you hit the ball, these are the irons for you.

For once, all the hype surrounding a set of clubs is true, and these are a fantastic set! Nothing else needs to be said, Mizuno has a winner!

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Media Reviews

Golf World
March 2011
Game-improvement club you can fool your friends with
Golf Monthly
November 2010
Quality look and finish..strike and feel was solid.

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