Martin Hopley

The Lenzini NTD 108 driver is a good looking club that delivers on much of what the guys at Lenzini told us to expect.

The four part titanium head is a fairly conventional shape, giving a confident feeling at address with a simple directional aid that made alignment easy.

The NTD 108 performed well and although the sound at impact does not sound as explosive as some other drivers on the market the ball certainly travelled powerfully with a nice strong trajectory.

We were lucky enough to test this in the crosswinds that the makers have designed it to withstand and we must say that it appeared to hold its flight reasonably well with little impact from the wind and with no real discernible loss of distance.

On the distance front we couldn't see any noticeable extra length in the club but it certainly held its own with drivers from more well known brands.

Overall the Lenzini NTD 108 is a solid performer and one that is worth trying out if you get the chance.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:


Lenzini NTD 108 Driver

Lenzini NTD 108 Driver - Product Details

Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Right Handed Lofts11.5°
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexX Stiff, Stiff, Regular
Manufacturer's WebsiteLenzini Website

User Reviews

October 2010

An absolutely amazing piece of equipment! I've been playing for 21 years and have never found equipment like this stuff. Their driver is so so long and the irons are just about the best thing since sliced bread!

I now wouldn't use any other equipment, they should be supported because believe me they can help everyone's game!!!

February 2010

Normally, I would have gone with a traditional more known golf company like Titleist, Taylormade, or Nike. I've tried drivers from all three before, and there was always something I didnt like. After doing a little research on Golfalot and seeing the reviews for the Lenzini Driver, I decided to give it a shot.

After speaking with Martin over email, I gave him my specs. Normally I hit the driver about 260 and in the high 80's to low 90's in speed. Martin suggested that I try the 11.5 degree stiff shaft, because i had trouble getting the ball up in the air.

After about 5 swings, with this driver, let me say this, Lenzini gave me the confidence again to hit my driver instead of just going for a 3 wood. The Lenzini driver has a great looking classic head, good shaft, and good multicompound grip. It's a very high quality driver and a good price compared to those other more traditional drivers from other more well known brands. This driver allows you to shape the ball with ease. And a smooth steady face just allows the ball to rocket off the face. It has a sound that's right in the middle of the thud of a Taylormade and the gunshot of a Nike SQ. The sound is great, and the ball stays online. All in all, I highly recommend this driver!

October 2009

After hearing about the new to the market Lenzini Golf driver and its advantages I got in contact with the company to find out the options on getting hold of one. I found the clubs designer Martin on the phone very helpful and after receiving my driver I have noticed massive improvements already.

I went for a 8.5 degree with a X-Stiff shaft which is a different spec to my Taylormade R510 TP 9.5 Stiff which I have owned for 5 years. My average driving distance was around 270-280yds but struggled with accuracy with the smaller head.

After trying numerous more upto date 460CC head drivers for forgivness the Taylormade always came out on top until I tried the Lenzini. I have gained upto 20yds but the massive change has been the accuracy. Even on slight miss hits or poor swings my usual bad shot a strong cut is no more than a managable fade and on solid center hits I hit a nice draw.

This really has transformed my driving and for the money consider it to be an absolute steal. I have recently returned from a golfing holiday in spain and in the warmer temperatures I was achieving 300+ yrd drives everytime. I understand all golfers are different and with a 100+mph swing speed im going to hit it further but the golf clubs solid feel and great look at address make it a great golf club for all abilities. I wish everyone at Lenzini Golf all the best and hope to see more of these clubs in golfers bags in the near future.

July 2009

Finally got to play with the driver yesterday. All I can say is - what did you do? This thing is incredible!. Straight down the middle + 20 - 40 yards. Over the past few months I have been trying out drivers to replace the Adams I have now. None I have tried even come close. I would have never have tried the driver if not for Timothy's recommendation. I was still a bit skeptical about getting a club I have never hit. Glad I did. Now I am really confused - All my other clubs are senior flex and I felt that was what I needed. Now I hit your club with a stiff shaft and I love it. You did something that is very different to achieve what you have. If you ever decide to stop selling this club - let me know so I can get another one. My partner joined me on the back 9 yesterday and kept saying that is the driver for you. He was really impressed. Should have not told him I had a new driver.

July 2009

Been playing for 9 years. Age 61. Handicap drifted down from 22 to 17/18. Tendency to fade/slice and was using a well known forgiving driver. Was lucky enough to get one of the first Lenzini NTD108 drivers a year ago and liked it but you often get that initially with a new club probably by setting up more carefully. So I enlisted a local pro and tried out several top drivers alongside the Lenzini and my previous driver for an hour or so. To his credit the Pro said there was no point in me buying anything else as the Lenzinin was as long and straighter. I've been using it since with never a thought of looking elsewhere. Despite getting older and not having a particularly fast swing, I am hitting the ball further than ever and finding myself in good positions on the fairway. Even in the wind, the ball seems to stay put. I play a lot of club and inter-club golf and find I am crossing hazards where I used to lay up. I don't often get out hit but I do get a lot of "What's that you've got there then?" and "What did you say your handicap is?" If I can take advantage of the good positions this driver is putting me in, then my handicap (now 16) can drop by another 3 or 4 shots - something that seemed unrealistic a year ago. Well done Lenzini - not a "fashionable" name but a good looking club with a nice balance that gives you the confidence to hit right through the ball. If you want to enjoy stepping confidently onto the tee then this is the club for you - and me.

July 2009

Have you ever purchased a driver with a guarantee? Well here's your chance. Initially I thought this was some kind of gimmick. Here’s a new company trying to break into the golf world by offering a return if you don’t hit it 20 yards longer than you current driver? So I figured for the price how can I go wrong? I’ve played with all the major brands that have one thing in common. There all made in the Asian market for probably less than $15 each and marked up to $400! This club preformed as well if not better than any $400+ drivers that I’ve hit and it has some kind of vibration eliminator that really works. Even miss hits feel solid and some how find the fairway, don’t get me wrong, I still miss fairways just not as often and on holes that I used to coming in with a 9 or 8 iron I’m now using my wedge. If I could only get my putter working I’d be collecting payment after every round!

Peter MCL
July 2009

Simply a great driver and the best I have ever used in over 40 years of golf. Very easy to hit, extremely accurate and longer than any other driver I have ever used. Clearly the technology used in this driver is major advance on other drivers on the market. It also looks great and inspires confidence. Very impressive in windy conditions – terrific ball flight - cross winds did not affect the ball flight, its longer down wind and loses virtually no distance into what would normally be a 20 yard wind. Highly recommended

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