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Specialist putter grips have undergone massive growth in recent years, not only in value but also in size. Many different oversized polyurethane shapes have been inspired by the SuperStroke revolution as the benefits of a thicker grip remove the liveliest of hands from the equation.

Of these, the Garsen Golf G-Pro Max caught my eye recently and not only because the winner of the 2016 Open used it to create a new scoring record.

Garsen G-Pro Max Putter Grip

It actually helps you get the right arm posture because it features a pronounced V shaped ridge on the front of the grip.

Garsen G-Pro Max Putter Grip

This forces you to put your thumbs either side of the ridge and therefore your palms will face each other to create a neutral grip.

Garsen G-Pro Max Putter Grip

You can play around with the hand position so that one hand can be higher than the other or both thumbs can be side by side.

What I also found was that this hand position encouraged the forearms and the inside of the elbows to rotate out and open up the shoulders into a more relaxed and technically correct posture.

Garsen G-Pro Max Putter Grip

From here you just rock your shoulders with a relaxed grip pressure and the combination of the arm and hand position helps takes the hands out of the stroke a little more.

Certainly from short range it felt like I was getting a more solid strike on the putt. However, having putted with one thumb under the palm of the other hand all my life, having the thumbs beside each other took a while to trust on the course.

In fact the whole two thumbs stroke will feel unusual if you have not done it before, but as a gamer grip or even as a training aid on your back up putter to get your arms in the right position, the Garsen G-Pro delivers on what it sets out to do.

Garsen G-Pro Max Putter Grip

The Max version of the G-Pro weighs 60g and is 3.8cm (1.5 inches) wide with a slight pistol shape near the butt.

For those who would like the same design in a more mid-size width grip then the G-Pro Edge is available in a choice of black, white, red or blue.

Garsen G-Pro Edge Putter Grip

Whichever version you prefer I would recommend getting your hands on one, because as a way of training a neutral hand grip, the G-Pro gets the thumbs up.


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