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The idea of layering has been around for a few years now in golf apparel, aimed at providing you with warmth and protection from the elements without compromising your golf game.

FootJoy ThermoSeries AW22 Apparel Review

FootJoy are one of the most well-known brands when it comes to golf apparel, and their latest range for AW22 presents their most recent example of a layering story with new technology, new fabrics and new colour schemes.

The Tech

Building on the success of the HydroSeries range from last year, the new ThermoSeries line is designed to specifically help protect golfers from cold weather.

The products are designed to be layered together and feature technological innovations to provide protection against the elements without affecting performance.

They've been created with the European winter and cold weather golf as the main focus, which will be music to the ears of plenty of golfers who are currently dusting off their winter mitts and thermals ready for the winter.

FootJoy ThermoSeries AW22 Apparel Review

Whilst my colleague George reviewed the ThermoSeries Hybrid Jacket, I took the remaining four items from the new ThermoSeries apparel range out to Bramall Park GC to test them out on a chilly, showery autumnal morning.

I wanted to see first and foremost how the garments performed, but also how they perform together as part of FootJoy's layering strategy.

FJ ThermoSeries Hybrid Vest

FootJoy says that the vest defines the range as it provides a traditional look combined with technology and detailing.

FootJoy ThermoSeries AW22 Apparel Review

It has a nice padded feel without being too chunky, and despite providing warmth it still felt lightweight with nice comfortable pockets, although the lack of zips might be an issue for some golfers.

The benefit of a vest is that, whilst it keeps your body and vital organs warm, it also provides you with plenty of freedom to swing freely. This is exactly what the ThermoSeries offered, and I found the actual fit to be really impressive too which helped me out.

FootJoy ThermoSeries AW22 Apparel Review

This is a really useful option that is great as an extra layer in the cold winter months but could also come in handy in warmer months too, for example as a little extra warmth in the morning on top of a polo shirt before the sun breaks through, or during an evening round when the sun begins to set.

FJ ThermoSeries Midlayer

The midlayer comes complete with a jacquard knit which felt great, it was so stretchy and breathable with a pretty thin feel.

It's not particularly warm on its own but pairs well with the other products in the range and the slightly 'clingy' material does mean that it tends to hug your body which will help with a bit of warmth.

FootJoy ThermoSeries AW22 Apparel Review

I tested it in a blue and grey colourway which looks smart and stylish, as well as pairing nicely with the other garments in the range. FJ do also offer the midlayer in two other colourways so you can make sure you're coordinated out on the course.

FootJoy ThermoSeries AW22 Apparel Review

The tightened cuffs are a welcome addition as they stop any distractions or hindrance to your hands when you address the ball.

The only downside to this midlayer is the price. Yes it feels great, but £85 is a lot to pay for a midlayer which is not particularly warm and is very comparable to midlayers from any of the other top brands.

FJ ThermoSeries Baselayer

This baselayer is designed to create warmth without adding bulk thanks to a 'hex jacquard' fabric. This creates small ridges sitting off the skin, which allows the air to circulate and keeps the garment breathable.

FootJoy ThermoSeries AW22 Apparel Review

This was probably my favourite item in the range and one that I can see myself using all winter.

It comes with a golf-compression fit which I much prefer to the kind of baselayers you might use when playing football or rugby. It feels more like wearing a love sleeve running top which provides plenty of freedom of movement, but also helps to keep you warm too.

It could also be useful off the course too, for example I could see people using this in the gym, walking or even skiing.

FJ ThermoSeries Trousers

Available in either navy or charcoal, the ThermoSeries Trousers have a tapered fit and stretch fleece fabric for comfort, whilst a DWR finish is designed to protect the golfer in light rain showers.

FootJoy ThermoSeries AW22 Apparel Review

Though tt is quite hard to conduct a thorough review of a pair of golf trousers (they're either good or bad!), I did find that the trousers were really comfortable, complete with a soft lining without feeling too thick or cumbersome.

On a chilly autumn morning, the trousers did more than enough to keep me warm without the need for adding an extra laer of waterproof trousers on top. They also felt lightweight, with a slight stretch material providing plenty of flexibility during the golf swing.

FootJoy ThermoSeries AW22 Apparel Review

I did play through a couple of rain showers whilst testing and they performed well in this regard too, beading up the water and dropping it off rather than allowing it to soak in to the fabric - my legs were completely dry.

All in all, the trousers were very impressive and I can envisage myself reaching for them for plenty of rounds over the forthcoming winter months.

FootJoy ThermoSeries AW22 Apparel Verdict

The ThermoSeries collection is designed to arm golfers during the colder winter months and, having tested the range out on the course, I'm confident that it will do the job in all but the very coldest or wettest conditions.

FootJoy ThermoSeries AW22 Apparel Review

The quality is great, but it does come at a cost and considering FootJoy also recommend other options for when it is raining more heavily or even colder, it could be a tough ask for golfers to spend money on this range as well as thermal clothing and more heavy-duty waterproof clothing too.

Having said that, I enjoyed having the chance to test all of the garments, to fully appreciate how they can work together to help you play your best golf. If you are looking to upgrade your golfing wardrobe for the colder months and you don't mind paying for quality, the ThermoSeries range will look good and won't let you down.

Who Are They Aimed At?

Any golfer looking to keep warm and comfortable! The gear isn't cheap though, so you'll have to be pretty serious about playing in colder weather if you want to get your money's worth.

Would I Use Them?

Absolutely. I'm looking forward to teeing it up this winter using pieces from the ThermoSeries range.

FootJoy ThermoSeries AW22 Apparel Review

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