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Even since Cobra and Puma merged, we have been very impressed with the Cobra irons. The AMPs were forgiving, good-looking and fun to play, the AMP Forged into the bag right away and the AMP Cells were very similar to the original AMPs, but with some nice under-the-hood improvements. Needless to say, I was eager to see their better-player AMP Cell Pro irons.

Designed for Tour players and low handicap amateurs, the AMP Cell Pro irons are far more compact than any of the other irons in the AMP family. They appear very sharp and compact at address, but maintain the same shaping and curves of a Cobra iron.

Cobra AMP Cell Pro Irons

Gone are the bright Lamkin orange grips and KBS shaft, the Pro irons feature a black and white Golf Pride grip and the popular Dynamic Gold S300 steel shaft. All components in the irons are designed to offer the look that better players prefer and the workability to shape and flight the ball in the air.

Despite the better-player appeal, the AMP Cell Pro irons do feature a progressive cavity back design, flowing from a cavity on the 2 to 6-iron, to a smaller cavity on the 7 and 8 iron, and finishing with a 9-iron and PW that feature a muscle-back or blade design. This detail is not missed when you get them out on the course. The mid to long irons did offer a high launch that standard, old-style blades, but still required a solid strike.

The feel is very impressive. Throughout the set, the thud-sound and improved feedback in your hands offers everything that a better player is looking for. Workability is at a premium with each iron in the set providing ample ability to shape a shot or sting a lower ball flight.

Cobra AMP Cell Pro Address

Overall, the AMP Cell pro irons are a clean, compact looking iron designed for low handicappers and pros. There is a large gap from the AMP Forged, so unless fall into one of these categories, I would suggest you favour the forgiveness and size of the AMP, AMP Forged or AMP Cell.

If you are a better player or aspiring professional, these need to be on your test-list. If you dare, a full set of muscle-backs AMP Cell Pros are available through a custom order.

Well played Cobra, you continue to impress and finally have an iron worthy of Tour players and low handicaps.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Cobra AMP Cell Pro Irons - Product Details

UK Launch01 April 2013
UK Launch RRP£749
USA Launch01 April 2013
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft NameTrue Temper Dynamic Gold S300
Shaft TypesSteel
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
Shaft Weight130 grams
GripGolf Pride Multi Compound Whiteout
Set Makeup3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional Clubs2, GW
Manufacturer's WebsiteCobra Website

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