Martin Hopley

Compared to the HX Tour ball, the Callaway HX Tour 56 is a little softer and does manage to get a decent amount of spin on the greens.

Like the HX Tour it is very stable in the wind and the distance was very good too, although Callaway suggest that the HX Tour should be a little longer than the HX Tour 56 golf ball.

It has a thinner out cover for better feel, but in normal play the paint on the cover of the ball came off after 12 holes of so, but the cover remained intact.

However this could be expensive over time if you like a pristine ball. Apart from that, the HX Tour 56 is an excellent golf ball for windy conditions and for the better player who wants more feel around the greens.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
Overall Rating - 3 stars:
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Callaway HX Tour 56 Golf Ball

Callaway HX Tour 56 Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch01 July 2005
Handicap Range
Ball Construction3-Piece
Ball FeelSoft
Colour OptionsWhite
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

User Reviews

Nick Larner
November 2005

Oh dear Callaway. This Callaway HX Tour 56 golf ball did not perform at all. Every wedge shot took chunks out of the ball and I had to throw it away every time. I'd never contemplate these again. The only good thing I could say about it is that it does play quite well on windy days, where it did pierce through the wind rather than ballooning. I think the Callaway HX Tour 56 golf ball is no good to anyone who spins the a lot.

Drew Tuck
October 2005

The Callaway HX Tour 56 is a decent ball but I will stick with my Titleist Pro V1's. Felt a little bit harder on strikes than I would have thought and the hexagonal dimples with the odd deeper dimple did not make the ball fly any better or further. Also found the HX Tour 56 hard to get any feel or check from pitch shots. Good ball, just not for me.

Paul Teviotdale
August 2005

The Callaway HX Tour 56 golf ball is very good of the tee and is a lot easier to spin than the HX tTour. In my first game with the Callaway HX Tour 56 golf ball I had the best front 9 and first score under par this season. My playing partners have noticed the improvement in my game and are now trying the ball also. If your looking for a change of ball, you have to try the Callaway HX Tour 56 golf ball.

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