Martin Hopley

I have been wearing the Ashworth Cardiff golf shoe for a while now and I have to say it is extremely comfortable. The styling is classic and understated and the construction feels a little more robust than other similar makes and it is also reasonably waterproof.

As well as the comfort, the lateral stability is also good and somewhere between a trainer (sneaker) and a traditional golf shoe. The grip is surprisingly good for the type of sole as the multiple nodules do a good job of gripping the ground.

Even off the course the soles feel just at home on all surfaces and like me I am sure you will wear them as much off the course as on it.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:
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Ashworth Cardiff Golf Shoe

Ashworth Cardiff Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch11 May 2011
USA Launch11 May 2011
Shoe StyleShoe
Colour OptionsWhite, Black
Manufacturer's WebsiteAshworth Website

User Reviews

Jamie Kennedy
August 2012

The Ashworth Cardiffs are great. They look great, they feel great and they perform well too.

Offered in a range of colours, the Cardiffs offer quality and style. The detail on the shoe is typical of Ashworth and the suade/leather combination works really nicely.

Whilst they may not offer the same stability and traction as a more traditional shoe, I haven't noticed any loss in performance. However, I tend to wear them in dry, hard conditions.

I have found myself wearing these more away from the course than on. In fact, after wearing them for a couple of months, I bought the exact same pair again. That is a first and proof of how much I like them.

The only drawback I see if that wearing them off the course can wear down the rubber studded sole quicker than you may expect. But if you use them as a second pair for links courses or dry days, you'll hardly notice.

If you fancy joining the Street-shoe revolution, you can't go wrong with the Ashworth Cardiff.

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