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In the world of golf shoes, affordability and performance can sometimes seem like a trade-off. That's why the Adidas S2G spikeless golf shoes stand out to me. Priced under £100, these shoes claim to offer a rare package in today's overpriced market: a versatile, comfortable, and high-performing option for golfers on a budget.

Adidas S2G Shoe Review

Launched earlier in 2024, let's break down whether they live up to the hype, looking at everything from the tech and design to comfort and traction.

Who Are They Aimed At?

The Adidas S2G Golf Shoes are designed for golfers seeking a budget-friendly, versatile, reliable shoe. They are ideal for both casual and regular golfers who want a shoe that provides comfort and stability without the premium price tag.

The spikeless design, classic Adidas styling, along with the waterproof leather upper, suggests these shoes can handle various course conditions while offering versatility for wear off the course in everyday life.

The Tech: Adidas S2G Golf Shoes

Although the S2G shoes don't have a lot of fancy tech, they focus on key elements that modern-day golfers demand.

The shoes feature a waterproof leather upper, designed to keep your feet dry even in damp conditions.

Adidas S2G Shoe Review

The protective toe cap offers extra durability, and the spikeless Adiwear outsole aims to provide stability and traction.

While there's no Boost cushioning, the *lightweight design and supportive heel make these shoes suitable for all-day wear whilst adding the support needed when swinging a golf club on varying terrains.

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Adidas S2G Golf Shoe Review

Looks: Some of the best looking shoes of the year...?

My first impression of the Adidas S2G Shoes was of a classic, retro sneaker vibe. The three-stripes, the white and green colourway, and the gum sole gives these shoes a really retro aesthetic, reminiscent of an 80s tennis or football shoe.

Adidas S2G Shoe Review

While the look may not be ground-breaking, it has a universal appeal that grew on me. At first, straight of the box, I thought thought they looked a little dated (I couldn't help but be reminded of an old PE teacher I used to have...), but once I put them on and walked around, their understated style made more sense.

Adidas S2G Shoe Review

Overall they boast an easy-to-wear design that can transition from the golf course to casual settings very easily, and they will certainly look better with little more wear after a few rounds. They are very versatile and they therefore grew on me, and I liked that about them.

Comfort: Sporty and spacious?

Comfort is where the Adidas S2G shoes excel. Despite lacking the Boost midsole found in some of Adidas's premium shoes, like 2023's MC80, these shoes offer a surprisingly soft and responsive feel underneath the foot.

Adidas S2G Shoe Review

They also featured a surprisingly wide fit around the front of my feet which was a notable feature, especially for those who usually find Adidas shoes a bit narrow and tight; at first I thought the shoes would be a little on the small size but there was plenty of room. This wide fit also made the shoes feel a little more breathable and less harsh to break in out of the box.

The supportive heel and lightweight design made them a joy to wear throughout a round of golf. During my testing over 18 holes, I experienced no rubbing or discomfort, even after hours of walking.

Performance: How do they stack up on-course?

On the course, the Adidas S2G Shoes delivered solid performance, and if I'm being honest, much better performance than I originally expected, considering their fairly basic design.

Adidas S2G Shoe Review

The spikeless Adiwear outsole provides reliable traction, whether you're hitting drives, irons, or navigating bunkers. The low-profile design gave me a stable stance - especially around the heel area which protrudes to be longer and wider than the rest of the outsole, at first this looks a little strange but it really had it's benefits.

The waterproof leather upper ensured my feet were dry during testing on damp spring day. I tested them on a wet course, walking through thick rough, and the shoes kept my feet dry without any noticeable leaks which was good to know.

Adidas S2G Shoe Review

The spikeless Adiwear outsole not only looked cool with it's gum design but really surprised me in terms of how much traction it delivered. It's very similar to in looks to the Adidas Crossknit 3.0 that I reviewed a few years back and I loved those shoes!

Adidas S2G Golf Shoe Verdict

Overall, the Adidas S2G Spikeless Golf Shoes offer excellent value for money for me. Some golfers might find the design a bit plain or dated, and they may not have the premium feel of higher-priced Adidas models like the new Tour360 or MC80, but they provide comfort, stability and versatility at an affordable price point.

Adidas S2G Shoe Review

There are golfers that will no doubt want to opt for something more premium like the FootJoy Pro SLX Carbon or Ecco LT1 but for me if you're looking for a versatile, budget-friendly golf shoe that can handle a variety of conditions, these will see you just fine.

Would I Wear Them?

Definitely. For a pair of shoes that look good whilst performing well - these shoes will be going to the top of the pile in my spikeless shoe collection alongside the G/Fore G112. My only slight reservation is how long they would last long-term and whether buying cheaper really does mean buying twice come the start of next season.

Adidas S2G Shoe Review

Adidas S2G Golf Shoe Pros and Cons

Adidas S2G Shoe Review

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Adidas S2G Golf Shoe

Adidas S2G Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch01 February 2024
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior, Junior
WidthsMedium, Wide
Colour OptionsWhite/Green, Black/Grey
Manufacturer's WebsiteAdidas Website

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