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The Adidas Powerband BOA Boost builds on the Powerband franchise that has been going since 2007 and aims to deliver performance combined with comfort.

Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoe

Compared to previous models the look is a lot chunkier and that is down in part to an even deeper heel section of the Boost material. This not only provides cushioning, but also energy return as all the little capsules you can see store energy when compressed and release it as your foot lifts off to move to spur you on even faster.

Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoe

The Boost provides one of the most comfortable sole systems around and in the Powerband Boost the supersized heel section almost feels like you are bouncing along as you walk, whilst also providing good stability as you swing.

Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoe

The Boost section goes down to the midfoot and then under the forefoot is a different Bounce foam to provide a similar level of comfort in conjunction with the removable insole.

Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoe

Underneath the outsole features just six Thintech EXP spikes on top of a moulded sole with channels going down the length of the middle of the sole to combine movement with decent grip.

Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoe

The upper is made from leather with a Climaproof seamless microfibre layer for durability and easy care and it breaks in quickly to give a soft feel.

The upper stability is provided by the latest Powercage that is more rigid plastic going around the heel and then over the forefoot to hold the central part of your foot in place.

Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoe

The Powercage straps are now only on the outside of the shoe instead of both sides as in the Tour360 and are linked to the eyelets on the inside by the L6 BOA closure system.

Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoe

Seen on other brands before, the Adidas BOA version uses steel wires to replace the laces and these are tightened by turning the dial on top of the reasonably padded tongue.

Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoe

There are various positions on the shoe for BOA dials depending on the exclusivity deals BOA has done with the various brands and Adidas can use the top position. Compared to some of the other positions which spread the load of the wires across the foot, this L6 version is more of a straight lace replacement as it tightens the wires in the same place as a bow. To release the BOA, all you do is pull the dial up.

This position puts more pressure on this point of your foot like a lace would and does not seem to provide the same level of tightening advantages as it does when the BOA is on the back as the wires don't seem to get drawn up from the bottom as much. That said it is a better looking position for the dial and the simplicity and ability to maintain lace pressure are still there as benefits of the BOA approach.

Continuing the chunky feel, the forefoot of the shoe looks quite rounded from above and also wider, so if you have struggled with the width of Adidas shoes in the past then Powerband BOA Boost is going to have a wider appeal, if you excuse the pun.

Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoe

You will still probably need a wide fitting though as that equates to most other brands medium width as the heel area is still the same traditional Adidas width.

Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoe

As things go, the Powerband BOA Boost is probably not one of Adidas' sexiest looking shoes, but it is one of the most comfortable and that is your trade-off for the extra Boost and that wider forefoot.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Adidas Powerband Boa Boost Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK LaunchJanuary 2017
UK Launch RRP£129.95
USA LaunchJanuary 2017
USA Launch RRP$180
European LaunchJanuary 2017
European Launch RRP€199.95
Shoe StyleShoe
Sizes7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12
WidthsMedium, Wide
Colour OptionsWhite, Black, Grey
Manufacturer's WebsiteAdidas Website

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Rob W.
June 2018

An excellent fitting and comfortable shoe. They feel like you are wearing slippers.

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