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If you have used Wilson products over the last few years, you'll know that whilst they don't shout quite as loud as some of the biggest names in the golf equipment world, they do produce consistently excellent products at a very reasonable price point.

You only have to look at our recent Wilson reviews to see that we are big fans of their 'D' product lineup which is designed for you, the golfer, rather than playing something just because the Tour Pros do.

We found that last year's D7 Forged irons in particular were a fantastic option for golfers seeking distance and forgiveness, without going for the big chunky head and fiery low spin.

This brings us nicely into 2021 where Wilson's latest range, D9, has been released. For this new gear Wilson are following the trend in employing the use of computer technology to aid them in the design process of their woods and irons.

The process we used required over 100 processor cores of computing power and it helped us as an engineering team get to a final design quicker than ever before. We had 120 computers running for seven days a week to create the overall design and we're delighted with the result in creating an aesthetically-pleasing range with more distance and control than ever before.

Jon Pergande, Manager of Wilson Golf Club Innovation

Wilson Staff D9 Irons

Following on from the D7 irons, the D9 range now features Power Hole 2.0 Technology. These urethane-filled pockets are said to increase deflection at impact, allowing more energy to be transferred to the ball across a wider space which generates faster ball speeds and therefore more distance.

Wilson D9 Range

It is supported by an ultra-thin face, which Wilson say is the largest, thinnest unsupported face in the brand's iron history. The sweet spot has also been increased, meaning that you get a little more for your money on off-centre hits.

Wilson D9 Range

The computer design process also create Wilson's lowest ever centre of gravity in an iron, which makes it easier than ever to improve launch and spin rates.

The D9 irons come with a lightweight KBS UltraLite steel shaft, with a longer tip section for a higher ball flight. There are also Tensei Silver graphite shaft options, and both come with the new Lamkin Genesis Crossline grip.

Wilson D9 Range

Available from mid January 2021, the Wilson Staff D9 irons are in 5-PW setup and are priced at £499 (steel) or £579 (graphite).

Wilson Staff D9 Driver

The D9 wood range uses the same generative design process as in the irons, and this has been used to develop optimal distance, sound and performance.

Wilson D9 Range

The key bit of tech in the new driver is a peak kinetic response (PKR) club face, which is the most technologically advanced face designed by the brand to date and has been put through it's paces on the PGA Tour by Gary Woodland and Brendan Steele.

Wilson D9 Range

It works by dividing the face into a series of 'fractural zones', fine-tuning each part of the face to deliver distance and performance.

The D9 Driver is designed for forgiveness and features a three-layer composite crown which dampens vibrations at impact and reduces weight, meaning that Wilson can lower the centre of gravity for an improved ball flight.

Wilson D9 Range

Golfers have a choice between a standard 10-gram or a super lightweight 3-gram weight setup in order to promote the forgiveness and flight characteristics that they desire.

The Wilson Staff D9 Driver is completed with a Tensei CK Blue shaft and a Lamkin Genesis Crossline grip. It is also available from mid-Januar at an RRP of £299, with a left handed option also available in 10.5 degrees.

Wilson Staff D9 Fairway Woods and Hybrid

The D9 fairways and hybrid feature Variable Face Technology for the first time, delivering higher ball speeds and high launch angles right across the face so that you still get good results even if you don't catch it out of the middle.

Wilson D9 Range

Both clubs also feature a premium maraging steel insert which produces a thin, hot face which increases speed, feel and distance.

Wilson D9 Range

The fairways are available in three different loft options - 15, 18 and 21 degrees, with the same shaft and grip as used in the driver. They are available from mid-January at an RRP of £179.

Wilson D9 Range

The D9 hybrid is available in 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees with a Tensei Silver shaft, whilst it is offered in 19, 22 and 25 degree options for left-handed golfers. They have an RRP of £159.

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