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SkyCaddie has announced an upgrade to its GPS offering with the introduction of the new SX550 device, which features a new 5.5 inch screen and is their most powerful and accurate model to date.

SkyCaddie SX550 GPS Device

We reviewed the SX500 a couple of years ago and were impressed with the clarity of the screen and the range of different features available which provides you with all of the information you need before you hit every shot.

The main new features of the SX550 include:

  • Golf's largest-ever GPS screen, with a 5.5 inch full-colour HD touchscreen display which gives a portrait, zoomable view of the entire hole in full detail.

  • Despite the bigger screen, the SX550 is slimmer and lighter than the previous SX500 whilst packing more power, more features and more on-course visuals than in previous models.

  • A new Micro USB-C Fast Charger can be plugged into the SX550 either way round and is made to recharge faster than usual USBs. Once fully-charged, the SX550 has easily enough power to last more than 36 holes.

After the tremendous success of the SX500, we made a great design even better with the new SX550. We made the screen larger and housed it in a slimmer body, so you can quickly see more, play faster and make better decisions on how to play a hole. With the SX550, you can manage the hole ahead like a Pro, getting everything a caddie would tell you in one simple step and displayed graphically on a stunningly brilliant screen, so you can select the right club and hit the ball with confidence.

Nothing else comes close to a SkyCaddie. The SX550 is certainly the ultimate, most comprehensive and fastest-to-use distance measuring device the sport has yet seen.

James Holmes, SkyCaddie General Manager UK & Europe

SkyCaddie SX550 GPS Device

The SX550 gives you all of the usual game-improvement features you can expect from SkyCaddie, including:

  • IntelliGreen Pro: this provides a comprehensive view of the green ahead, including bunkers, hazards and major green contours, and this rotates according to where you are standing. You can drag the cursor to your preferred landing spot for a precise yardage, or use the front and back of green distances.

  • You can enter daily pin placements from a pin sheet, or download them directly from SkyCaddie if available.

  • IntelliPath: This tells you distances to hazards and fairway edges along your chosen target line, and also gives you run-out distances beyond the ball's landing point. It is ideal for layup shots when you can't reach the green and need a safe landing spot for your approach.

  • Wifi connectivity allows you to download the latest golf course updates without needing to connect to a computer.

  • Dynamic HoleVue is SkyCaddie's unique main display graphics, giving you detail of the hole ahead. This view auto-rotates according to where you are standing, and you can double-tap or pinch to reveal more detail.

  • Dynamic RangeVue overlays multiple yardage arcs on to the SX550's screen, for at-a-glace reference and club selection.

  • The SX550 also gives you shot tracking capability with no extra hardware required. Simply enable shot tracking, and then after the round you can analyse which clubs you used, where you hit them from and how far they went.

The SX550 is priced at £379.95 and sits alongside SkyCaddie's other GPS devices aimed at helping serious golfers improve their play - the SX400 handheld GPS, LX5 GPS Smart Watch and LX5 GPS Ceramic.

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