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By Andrew Noyce

The concept of a shoe that can be used for more than one sport is not a new one for Puma. The Faas Lite Mesh 2.0 was built to support all your summer outdoor activities and they are taking this concept into the BioDrive golf shoe.

The BioDrive aims at giving golfers a shoe for performance, training and versatility both on and off the course and provides the flexibility, balance and stability the modern player needs in the gym, on the range or playing a round of golf.

Puma BioDrive Golf Shoe

Joey D Diovisalvi, Cobra Puma Golf ambassador and golf fitness expert, explains:

Training in the gym and on the course is important for golfers of all levels. And when you need to go from the weight room to the range it’s vital to have the right footwear. I love the versatility and performance of the BioDrive shoes. It’s a great performer on the course that allows the golfer to grip the ground through their swing but can also be worn to the gym. From a biomechanics standpoint, it provides the flexibility, stability and balance necessary for optimal performance.

Designed from the ground up the BioDrive focusses on three performance zones in the outsole to give players superior grip and control.

In the forefoot Puma have placed multiple, unconnected, octagonal shaped pods that give the shoe flexibility and increase ground contact and traction. The middle of the outsole features a mid-foot axis point that support the foot through torsional movement for balance. Lastly, four connected pods in the heel give the foot a sturdy platform for increased stability. Combined, the 10 octagons provide 130 unique points of traction and the inside of each pod is designed to bring stable performance on the golf course.

Puma BioDrive Golf Shoe

Whilst providing on course performance the BioDrive has also been optimised for work off the course. The shoe is shaped to look like a fast athletic shoe and the perimeters of the octagons are designed with a larger surface area to provide better grip on indoor and smoother surfaces such as the gym.

Grant Knudson, head of footwear at Puma Golf, sums up the ethos behind the BioDrive:

The BioDrive was literally designed from the ground up. Starting with the outsole we focused on three zones – the heel, the midfoot and the forefoot – keeping in mind all the elements important to a golfer – comfort, fit, flexibility and balance. This spikeless, versatile shoe allows golfers to go straight from work to the gym, to the range, or to play 18.

The upper is a waterproof performance ripstop mesh to make the BioDrive both lightweight and breathable but with a 2-year waterproof warranty it's a shoe that will handle all conditions. A new anatomical comfort last will ensure your feet stay fresh during the round and durability is enhanced further by the hard wearing TPU used in the outsole that is bonded 360 degrees around the shoe.

The BioDrive is available in four distinctive colour combinations: Strong Blue/Peacoat/Fluro Yellow, Black/Turbulence/Puma Red, Tradewinds/White/Vibrant Orange and Black/White/Turbulence.

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Puma BioDrive Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch01 February 2015
UK Launch RRP£100
Colour OptionsBlue/Yellow, Black/Red, Grey/White, Black/White
Manufacturer's WebsitePuma Website

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