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By Martin Hopley

When Ping released their Anser driver last year, they showed their willingness to join the adjustable revolution. Now, with the Ping Scottsdale TR putter, they offering a host of adjustability and options designed to help golfers hole more putts.

The Ping Scottsdale TR features a black, non-glare PVD finish and white sight lines. It is available in 12 different models include blades, mid-mallets and mallets, and has a unique adjustable shaft length.

The new shaft design, that is conforming with both the R&A and USGA, adjusts from 31" to 38" in the standard models, 37.5" to 46.5" in the belly length models and 44.5" to 55.5" in the long versions. This adjustability allows players to fit the optimium length of putter for their height, posture and stroke.

Each of the 12 models of putters fit into one of three categories to match the stroke of the golfer: straight, slight arc or strong arc. Each is labelled with the stroke it suits on the shaft. The head size/shape, hosel design and lie of the putter is specifically suited to the stroke it represents. Ping's studies show that you'll putt more consistently when your putter's balance matches your stroke type.

Beyond the adjustability, the Scottsdale TR putters feature new variable-depth grooves contained within the lightweight aluminum insert. The grooves are deepest in the center and get shallower toward the perimeter.

Ping's R&D team found that the new groove design increases ball-speed consistency by nearly 50% across nine points on the face. The insert is designed to offer the solid feel and sound of a traditional steel putter, with a truer roll (hence the 'TR', or True Roll, in the putter's name).

After six months with 12 models, in October 2013, Ping decided to add three new models to the Scottsdale TR range: The Anser T, Craz-E and Senita B.

New Ping Scottsdale TR Models

The first new head design, the blade-style Anser T, features Ping's traditional Anser shape whilst adding an arched, bridge-style alignment line that extends from the front edge of the top rail to the back edge. Weighing in at 360 grams, the Anser T is suited to a putting stroke with a slight arc.

The Craz-E model celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. To celebrate, Ping have given it the Scottsdale TR makeover. Weighing 365g it has the same alignment shape as the original Craz-E, launched in 2004, and it can be ordered to fit any stroke type.

Finally, the Senita B design provides the feel and performance of a belly putter but without the now-banned anchoring stroke. The secret? A 50-gram, 17-inch, counterbalanced grip. Added to the 400 gram head, the weight in the grip helps the Senita B encourage a pendulum-like stroke. Along with an adjustable shaft length, the Senita B is available with three shaft bends to fit a strong, slight arc or strong arc putting stroke.

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Ping Scottsdale TR Putter - Product Details

UK Launch25 January 2013
UK Launch RRP£149
USA Launch25 January 2013
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Club LengthsAdjustable: 31"-38", 37.5"-46.5" and 44.5"-55.5" inches
Putter ShapesBlade, Mallet
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

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