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By Jamie Kennedy

They say two heads are better than one. In that case, three heads must be even better. To design their newest putter, Odyssey combined the heads of three previous putters to create the Metal X Milled range.

Known for a long time as the "Mystery Milled putter", the Metal X Milled putter features three trusted innovations in six different head designs. Odyssey have take the one-piece construction from their ProType range, added the face technology in the Metal X putters and offered the adjustability of the ProType iX models.

"The technology can make it better, but you have to be careful you're not turning it into something else, you have to innovate, but it can't be overt technology." Austie Rollinson, Odyssey Principal Designer.

“With the introduction of Metal-X Milled, Odyssey is making a statement about performance and what can be achieved by bringing together a series of truly ground-breaking technologies. As a company we are driven by technology to turn putting into an art form and with Metal-X Milled we’ve re-written the rules.”

To explain the Metal X Milled putter we should start at the beginning. Each Metal X Milled head starts as a forged block of carbon steel. It wouldn't be very effective at holing putts in that form, so it is therefore machine-cut and shaped to give the shape and angles of the finished version. The machine also creates the ports for the adjustable weights.

Then comes the face. Much like the grooves on an iron or wedge grip the dimples on the ball, grooves on a putter face help lift the ball from where it rests and send it on its way to the hole. The Metal X Roll Technology in the new Metal X Milled putters helps promote a lower launch angle. Whilst the pattern of the face of the face is taken from the Metal X range, it is now milled into the face rather than in the form of an insert.

The oval depressions are carefully added directly to the face using a careful chemical milling process. The pattern then increases friction with the ball, allowing the putter to lock into the dimples of the ball and produce a more controlled consistent roll.

Much like a child's bike is made easier with stabilizers, Odyssey have added stabilizers to the Metal X Milled range to make it easier to hole putts. A Stabilizing Crossbar has been added behind the face to stabilize both the sound and feel of the putters, without dampening the forgiveness. Look closely and you can see the Crossbar in the photo below, surrounding the acid-yellow Odyssey logo.

The last of the three innovations in the Metal X Milled range is adjustability. Each putter comes with three sets of adjustable weights. Each set can be screwed into the weight ports in the heel and toe portions of the toe to alter the overall weight of the head.

Two 15 gram weights come fitted as standard but 10 and 20 gram weights are included giving the players the ability to alter the weight of each Metal X Milled putter to either 340, 350 or 360 grams. Altering the weight will help players fine tune the feel and distance control of the putter.

The Metal X Milled is available in six different head designs. Included in the line is the popular #7 model, which features a milled face for the first time, and the larger Rossie design that hasn't been used in a putter line by Odyssey since the mid-1990s.

The only model missing in the image below is the #6 model which is a blade similar to #1 but with half a shaft of offset rather than a full shaft. #6 also has the alignment line on the top of the leading edge rather than in the back cavity.

All six models are available in limited quantities for right-handed players. For the lefties out there, you will have to decide between the #1, #7 and #9HT (high toe) models only.

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Callaway Odyssey Metal X Milled Putter - Product Details

UK Launch17 January 2014
UK Launch RRP£249
USA Launch17 January 2014
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts
Right Handed Lofts
Colour OptionsBlack
Club Lengths33, 34 or 35 inches inches
Shaft TypesSteel
Putter ShapesBlade, Mallet
Models#1, #6, #7, #9HT, 330 Mallet, Rossie
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

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