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This article is now outdated - please read the latest Government/England Golf update here!

The five-step plan to lift the UK out of its coronavirus lockdown contains information that golf may not return until the end of June, according to a Daily Mirror exclusive published on Wednesday night.

No Golf Until End Of June

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is chairing a cabinet meeting today where lockdown restrictions will be reviewed, ahead of an expected announcement of new measures on Sunday. There are widespread reports that there could be some easing of the lockdown measures beginning as soon as Monday, such as unlimited exercise and the encouragement for people to return to work if they are able to.

Speculation has been rising in the past couple of weeks regarding the return of golf, with the R&A and other industry bodies producing guidance to be considered for both golfers and golf clubs. Golf courses in Ireland have also been preparing to reopen on 18th May, although only for people who live within close proximity to the course.

According the The Mirror, golf is considered to be a part of the third step of the plan, which is currently targeted for the end of June.

It is said to include the return of secondary schools, the reintroduction of small sports teams such as five-a-side football, outdoor gatherings of fewer than 30 people and the reintroduction of sports such as tennis and angling along with golf.

These stages come with the proviso that the R rate of transmission, and the daily death rate continue to fall so that hospitals and their staff can continue to work within their total capacity. The report also contains the warning that if there is a second wave of infections, or an outbreak of seasonal flu occurs, the plan could be altered or scrapped altogether.

What are your thoughts on these current reports? Should golf be considered as safe to restart earlier?

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