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One of the biggest trolley brands in the world, Motocaddy has made improvements to their range of electric and push trolleys for 2019 by introducing three more models to complement its existing range.

Motocaddy 2019 Trolley Range

With the comprehensive S1, the entry-level Z1 push trolley and the top of the range S7 Remote featuring more features and extras than you could ever wish for, there should be something for everyone.

Oliver Churcher, Motocaddy Marketing Manager, said:

We're proud to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries in both the powered and non-powered trolley sectors. Our 2019 range includes a trolley for every golfer, irrespective of whether their decision is based on budget, technology, size or design.

Motocaddy S1 Electric Trolley

Motocaddy's leading S1 model has received a significant upgrade for the 2019 season, while maintaining its signature design and construction that has seen it become the world's top-selling powered trolley.

Motocaddy 2019 Trolley Range

Making up part of the brand's S-Series range, the S1 features a new high-resolution, sun friendly LCD screen similar to that used on the compact M-series. It also features nine different speed settings along with an advanced battery meter and a speed indicator to keep you fully informed during your round.

Motocaddy 2019 Trolley Range

It also features a new lightweight Lithium battery which is easier to move, and it can also be left in the battery tray for charging and during transportation.

Motocaddy's Quickfold mechanism and Easilock bag-to-trolley connection remain, and enjoyment of use is ensured via a whisper-quiet motor along with a soft-touch handle and adjustable bag supports.

Motocaddy 2019 Trolley Range

Churcher added:

The S1 trolley has been a mainstay of our range for well over a decade and we’re confident the latest model will be as popular as its predecessors.

The new S1 electric trolley is available in Graphite/Red at an RRP of £499.99 for a standard Lithium battery and £549.99 for an extended Lithium battery.

Motocaddy S7 Remote Electric Trolley

Joining the hands-free S1 range is the new S7 Remote trolley, which is remote controlled and features a number of new additions to make it the most comprehensive and most advanced solution for golfers in all conditions.

Motocaddy 2019 Trolley Range

The compact, rechargeable Lithium handset includes dual pressure buttons to provide responsive control of your trolley around the course. It also fits into an integrated holder on the underside of the handle so that it doesn't go missing between rounds.

Motocaddy 2019 Trolley Range

There's a new drive system too, which offers better directional controls (not for your shots, unfortunately), whilst optimising efficiency to help reduce battery usage.

The S7 Remote now also includes Motocaddy's excellent Automatic Downhill Control feature which has been around since the S1 debuted it in 2016. This means that the trolley can recognise an uphill or downhill slope and adjust the trolley to maintain a constant speed, maintaining a smooth ride on undulating terrains.

Motocaddy 2019 Trolley Range

If that isn't enough, there's also a pause and resume feature, manual control mode, extra anti-tip rear wheel, emergency stop function, 50m cutout distance and a 45 second hibernation.

Of course, the S7 retains Motocaddy's renowned Quikfold mechanism and Easilock bag connection, and you also get a USB charging port to keep your phone or GPS device fully juiced out on the links.

Motocaddy 2019 Trolley Range

The S7 Remote is available in Graphite/Orange at an RRP of £849.99 with Lithium battery.

Motocaddy Z1 Push Trolley

The third and final of the new 2019 range is the entry-level Z1 push trolley, which simple to setup and use and provides great value for money from a lightweight, feature-filled trolley. It joins the Cube, Cube Connect and P1 to complete their fleet of non-powered trolleys.

Motocaddy 2019 Trolley Range

There's a simple two-step folding system, foot-operated parking brake and an easy-push handle which is adjustable to three heights.

Within the handle section there is a large accessory compartment for tees and spare balls, a drink and scorecard holders and an optional umbrella holder fitting for those of you who brave the adverse conditions.

Motocaddy 2019 Trolley Range

The oversized wheels are friction free and require no maintenance, plus they include the quick-release mechanism to save storage space if needed.

Motocaddy 2019 Trolley Range

The new Z1 push trolley is available in Graphite/Blue and Graphite/Red at an RRP of £119.99.

So if you're preparing for the upcoming season and want to make life a little easier for yourself, perhaps you could consider one of these options from Motocaddy. If you want a quick and easy trolley that won't break the bank, the Z1 could be for you. If you like an electric trolley which is efficient and flexible, consider the S1. If you love your tech and want all the new bells and whistles, the S7 Remote is about the most advanced trolley you will find.


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