Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

We all know what it is like playing golf in the winter. If you're lucky you will get a clear blue sky, but you'll have to pay for that with bitter temperatures.

Numerous layers are usually the answer to try and keep you as warm as possible. But what if your golf clothing actually heated you up instead of merely keeping the cold out?

Step forward Mobile Warming heated golf jackets.

Mobile Warming Golf Vest

Mobile Warming has long been popular in other outdoor activities that require you to be outside for long periods in the winter weather so a move into golf seems like a natural step.

So what makes them stand apart?

Mobile Warming golf clothing, available both in a jacket and a vest/gillet, contain three heating panels, powered from a rechargeable 7.4v lithium-ion battery located in the garment, producing far-infrared heat (FIR).

The panels are lined with steel alloy fibre elements and placed strategically, two on the chest and one of the back, to provide quick warm up and an even distribution of heat where the body needs it most.

The temperature can be controlled across four settings ranging from 32 to 57 degrees Celsius and the battery is able to maintain the lowest level for an impressive 10 hours without requiring a charge.

Mobile Warming Golf Vest

The heat generated by the panels is maintained within the jackets by two insulation layers that reflect the heat back to the body and all mobile warming garments feature the Wind-shark membrane layer that provides a breathable, waterproof and wind resistant barrier whilst maintaining the stretch to the fabric that makes it ideal for winter golf.

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