Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

It's at this time of year that a lot of us wish we were more streamlined and somebody had given us a style makeover.

That's exactly what GolfBuddy has given the award winning LR3 to bring to market the next generation LR4 Laser Rangefinder.

GolfBuddy LR4 Laser Rangefinder

Like many we were big fans of the GolfBuddy LR3, but GolfBuddy haven't rested on their laurels. Instead they have taken the best of the LR3 and improved the ergonomics and styling, creating a device that is comfortable to use and great to look at.

So what's new?

The outer casing of the LR4 has been reshaped with emphasis on fitting into the palm of the golfer's hand and the top grip has been flattened slightly with new finger locators to make it easier to find and press the 'power' button on the top of the device that brings you all your information after you've located the target.

GolfBuddy LR4 Laser Rangefinder

The eyepiece of the LR4 has been re-modelled to make it easier to grip and smoother to turn allowing for more efficient use of the adjustable focus function.

GolfBuddy LR4 Laser Rangefinder

The battery compartment has also been remodelled and this is something we highlighted in our GolfBuddy LR3 review. On the LR3 it required a coin or screwdriver to open, but in the LR4 it can be opened more easily with a redesigned flip-and-twist-flap. Although a small design feature it is these little improvements that will keep GolfBuddy at the head of the field.

GolfBuddy LR4 Laser Rangefinder

Finally we come to the styling. The LR3 came in a no-nonsense black, but GolfBuddy has decided to give the LR4 a more striking look with a blue and white colour scheme complemented by a smart metallic finishing to the lens casings, eyepiece and buttons.

So what's stayed the same?

As you'd expect from a device that hit the market to such acclaim for it's bread and butter approach - providing easy and accurate measurement on the golf course - GolfBuddy have kept all the features that made the LR3 so popular in the LR4.

The LR4 weighs in at just 218 grams, displays distances in both yards or metres and still has the excellent 6x magnification that we thought really helped make the LR3 stand out in picking out targets at over 200 yards.

The three operational modes of 'Scan', 'Flag' and 'Normal' will mean LR3 users are comfortable in using the updated device and the simplicity of use will ensure golfers new to this market will find the LR4 easy to pick up straight from the box with the same no annual fees or hidden cost promise that comes with all GolfBuddy products.

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GolfBuddy LR4 Golf GPS Rangefinder - Product Details

UK Launch24 November 2014
UK Launch RRP£219.95
Device TypeLaser
Shot MeasurementNo
Power OptionsBattery
DimensionsWidth: 104mm, Height: 73mm, Depth: 40mm
Device Weight230 grams
Manufacturer's WebsiteGolfBuddy Website

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