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Putter design guru Guerin Rife is back again in 2019 with his latest range of Evnroll putters, which again feature the same ‘Sweet Face’ Technology first seen in 2016 providing the biggest sweetspot on the market, from a 100% milled head.

Evnroll Putters 2019

Evnroll Putter Range 2019

This year there are four new models, along with a new TourStroke Trainer which aims to groove the perfect stroke path. There's also a Gravity Grip which helps to keep the face square during impact for more consistency and accuracy.

Evnroll ER1TS Blade Putter

The new ER1TS is essentially the CNC-Milled, game-ready version of the new TourStroke trainer, where the obvious main feature is the huge offset of the head at address.

Evnroll Putters 2019

The head shape and style is the same as the original ER1 heel-toe weighted flange blade, but the hosel moves the shaft an inch ahead of the face to create an MOI of 20,000. This in others words helps to make it super stable.

Evnroll Putters 2019

The design helps to create a natural forward press and sets the wrist without having to lean the shaft forward, to promote a simple one-piece shoulder based putting stroke.

This putter may look like a very daunting design for many golfers, but for those who struggle with getting the ball rolling quickly, it could be the simple solution you've been looking for.

Evnroll ER2.2 Mid Blade Putter

The ER2.2 is a new plumber-neck version of the popular ER2 MidBlade, with the heel-side mass reduced to allow for the extra weight of the hosel arm to keep the sweet spot in front of the center sightline.

Evnroll Putters 2019

Evnroll ER5B Mallet Putter

The ER5B is a new all-black version of the popular Hatchback mallet featuring a black armour finish, complete with black shaft, grip, and headcover.

Evnroll Putters 2019

It also incorporates a low heel bend, which creates more toe hang to help those people who struggle with pulling putts.

Evnroll ER8.3 Players Mallet Putter

The final newcomer is the ER8.3 flow-neck Players MidMallet, which Rife is hailing as the prettiest putter he’s ever designed and one that will be finding its way into his bag.

Evnroll Putters 2019

There is no doubting this is a stunning looking putter. If it's good enough for Rife, could it be good enough for you too?

Evnroll TourStroke Trainer Putter

Evnroll believe that the most effective stroke that most tour players want to achieve is shorter on the backswing, square through impact, and slightly longer and inside on the follow through.

The TourStroke’s elongated hosel, which angles 1¼” forward of the face, is designed to create this stroke path when used in the training mode.

Evnroll Putters 2019

In training mode, the putter face should be positioned about 1” behind the ball. This promotes the three fundamentals of ‘proper putting’ highlighted above - shorter takeaway, square through impact, longer follow-through – which Evnroll say allows even complete beginners to instantly make the perfect “tour player” stroke path.

The secret trick behind this is that the golfer subconsciously knows the head is not in line with the shaft so will instinctively keep the face square until it contacts the ball to avoid pulling the putt. By keeping the shaft moving through the impact zone, the golfer will also automatically have a longer follow-through. Best of all, the TourStroke’s “effective” MOI is 20,000 because the entire head is positioned 1¼” from the ball – a level of stability far ahead of any other model.

Evnroll Putters 2019

The TourStroke can also be used to play out on the course by placing the putter face directly behind the ball so that the shaft is in line with the front of the ball.

This automatically creates forward press without leaning the shaft forward, and presets the right wrist to promote a simple one-piece rocking of the shoulders in a similar vein to the ER1TS. So you get the best of both worlds there.

Evnroll Gravity Grip

This new V-shaped grip is made of an ultra-light 35 gram EVA foam body, with a 70 gram 9" steel rod which runs down the length of the underside of the grip.

Evnroll Putters 2019

Moving more of the grip's weight below and away from the shaft helps to encourage more feel and face-awareness, thereby helping to square the face at impact and reduce face rotation.

A 15-gram outer wrap raises the overall weight above 120 grams for increased overall stability and accuracy while maintaining an optimal swing weight.

The new putter models will be available in 33”, 34” and 35” lengths with an MSRP of £309 for the ER1TS, ER2.2 and ER8.3, and £349 for the ER5 Black (also available with Gravity Grip for £369). The TourStroke Trainer will have an MSRP of £169.

Evnroll Putters 2019

The short game, especially putting, is something that is so often overlooked by many when trying to improve their golf game. In reality, making sure you have a solid putting stroke can be much easier to train than trying to gain an extra 15 yards off the tee.

It's clear that the new Evnroll range is focused 100% on giving golfers the opportunity to improve their path and stroke, all whilst coming in a 100% milled head which feels great.

Whilst they are pricey, most people wouldn't have an issue with forking out a similar amount for a new driver so maybe its time to give your short game the attention it deserves.


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