Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

There is a revolution sweeping the practice ranges of the world's Tour stops.

A new golf practice aid, the DST Golf Compressor, is currently being used by 10 players ranked in the top 25 of the Official World Golf Rankings, with a further 63 European Tour players using it as of their practice regime.

Introduced earlier this year, the distinctive scientifically curved shaft Compressor club has been designed to help all golfers understand and train their swings to achieve the optimal position at impact.

DST Compressor Golf Practice Aid

So what is this holy grail that the games great's consistently achieve, that Tour Players consistently work on and that ordinary players struggle with?

DST stands for Delayed Strike Technology and this gives a good clue. The optimal impact position is achieved by having a delayed strike or lag at impact with the hands leading the clubface. This maintains control over the clubface until after the ball has been struck and compresses the ball at impact.

At impact your hands should be ahead of what DST calls the 'Line Of Tension' which represents the centre of the club head arc. Study of the great players in the history of the game will show they achieved this position, maintaining tension in the shaft until after impact, and the DST has been specifically designed to promote and reinforce this position be giving golfers the feeling of this position and instant feedback when swinging the club.

DST Compressor Golf Practice Aid

The DST Compressor clubs have a curved shaft that replicates the shape of a normal shaft under load at impact. This forces the player into a position where the hands lead the club through impact if they are to hit a successful shot with the practice club.

In addition the clubs, which are available as an 8-iron or a wedge, have been designed with a specific sole angle, and the sole is also wide and flat, meaning the club sets up horizontally to the ground with the club shaft leaning forwards, teaching the ideal address position to easily translate into the correct position at impact.

DST Compressor Golf Practice Aid

Finally the Compressor's have what DST call a 'Hand Position Alignment Marker' that runs at an angle down the front of the clubs hosel. When this is aligned with the players eye line and the leading groove on the club face it indicates you are in the correct position at address to reach the optimal position at impact.

When swinging the DST Compressor, to successfully strike the ball you will have to use the larger muscles and use a motion that promotes the correct swing plane ensuring the club travels down the target line for a longer period of time, trapping the club between the ball and the turf and compressing the ball.




DST Compressor Iron Golf Practice Aid - Product Details

UK LaunchJanuary 2015
UK Launch RRP£74.95
USA LaunchJanuary 2015
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