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By Jamie Kennedy

For years, Mizuno have been known for producing attractive, hand-crafted irons. This year, the company is letting you make the irons look even more impressive.

From this week, Mizuno are offering customers buying a new set of irons the ability to customize their MP irons with a variety of finishes and paintfills, through their plant in Yoro, Japan.

Those customers will be given the chance to customize any of Mizuno's four most recent MP irons (MP-4, MP-54, MP-64 or MP-59) with a choice of nine different finishes:

Mizuno Custom Irons

David Matthews, Mizuno's European Marketing Manager, explained the motivation behind the new custom options:

Mizuno's Swing DNA fitting system is already widely recognized as leading the industry. But outside of getting the right shaft and playing set up, there's a lot of satisfaction in personalizing the irons from a visual perspective as well. There's no better place to get that done than the line in Yoro Japan.

What many people don't realise is that the finish also impacts the feel of the club. For example, the Double Nickel finish is actually softer seeling than a standard chrome finish.

Furthermore, some finishes will wear or rust more or less than others. The non-plated and Black Ox finishes will rust and wear more over time and for that reason, Mizuno will not add those finishes to MP-59 or MP-54 irons below a 5 iron.

In addition there is a chocie of 13 paintfill options that can be added to one of six details on the clubhead including the Mizuno runbird logo (seen in blue below), the iron number and any of the lettering.

Mizuno Custom Irons

The cost is £200 per club, regardless of the model. So if you want a customized 3-PW set, it will set you back £1,600.

So if you are still interested, here is how the process of choosing and getting your irons works:

  1. Visit one of Mizuno's Swing DNA fitting centres, and get fitted for 1 of 4 MP models.
  2. Choose your finish for the head.
  3. Customize various elements of the clubhead with the paintfill options.
  4. Order there and then with your fitter.
  5. Clubs will be built in Japan, assembled in Scotland, and with you in two months.

For more information and to see the various finishes and colours, visit Mizuno's Custom page.


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