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Cobra's new Radspeed range for 2021 is already attracting a good deal of interest so far, as more and more golfers begin to realise that their quality performance comes at a lower price point than some of the other big brands. And with the likes of Bryson DeChambeau, Lexi Thompson and Rickie Fowler in their stable, you may be seeing a lot more of their gear in the next couple of years.

Completing the Radspeed range alongside the Drivers and Irons we have already tested are the Radspeed Fairways and Hybrids.

Cobra Radspeed Fairways

Cobra's Radspeed Fairway lineup follows in the footsteps of the drivers by providing weight savings thanks to a thinner Carbon Crown, which allow for weight to positioned strategically in the head for easier launch and more ball speed.

Cobra Radspeed Fairways and Hybrids

Using this Radial Weighting idea in each of the fairway models allowed the Cobra engineers to provide golfers with three distinct performance characteristics from their club, meaning that every player is catered for.

Each fairway comes with Cobra's signature Baffler Hollow Split rails which are ideal for helping with turf interaction whilst also boosting speed by adding flexion on the leading edge at impact.

The Radspeed Fairways come in three different models:

1. Radspeed Fairway -

This features a traditional shape with a balance of both front and back Radial Weighting (16g in the front, 7g in the back) to deliver ultra-low spin with easy launch and plenty of forgiveness.

Cobra Radspeed Fairways and Hybrids

There's a CNC Milled Infinity Face added to the fairways for the first time, and Cobra claim that this is five times more precise than the design of hand-polished fairways.

Cobra Radspeed Fairways and Hybrids

Golfers have a choice of two different premium aftermarket shafts - Fujikura Motore X F3 and Project X Even Flow Riptide - and the fairway is available in either Gloss Black or Turbo Yellow colourways at an RRP of £229.

2. Radspeed Big Tour and Tour Fairways –

Both of these fairways feature 23g of front-biased weighting (16g internal and 7g front weight) to help develop a slightly more penetrating ball flight.

Cobra Radspeed Fairways and Hybrids

The Big Tour 3 wood features an oversized profile and stronger loft setting (13.5 degrees) which produces the fastest, and lowest spinning fairway in the Radspeed lineup. It also pairs perfectly with the Radspeed Driver and is equally as adept off the tee or on the fairway.

Cobra Radspeed Fairways and Hybrids

The Tour 5 wood has a more compact profile that makes it ideal for maximum workability. Both models are available in Matte Black or Turbo Yellow for £229 and come with a Fujikura Motore X F1 shaft.

3. Radspeed Draw Fairway –

The Radspeed Draw features 16g of heel-biased internal Radial Weighting and a 7g weight in the back, which work together to produce a draw bias along with a medium-to-high ball flight, with extra forgiveness and that all-important slice correction.

Cobra Radspeed Fairways and Hybrids

A CNC Milled Infinity Face is also included to deliver more precision and increase the sweet spot for maximum ball speed.

The Radspeed Draw is available in Gloss Black with Turbo Yellow and a Project X Even Flow Riptide shaft at an RRP of £229.

The Radspeed and Radspeed Draw Fairway models are available in 3W (14.5 deg), 5W (18.5 deg) & 7W (22.5 deg), with the Big Tour available in a 3W (13.5 deg) and the Tour model available in a 5W (17.5 deg).

Both the Radspeed and Radspeed Draw models are also available for women, in Elderberry/Gloss Black colorway.

Cobra Radspeed Hybrids

Completing the Radspeed range are the two brand new hybrids, which are available in either standard or One Length configurations and continue the use of Cobra's Radial Weighting Technology.

Cobra Radspeed Fairways and Hybrids

The Radspeed hybrids (RRP £189) emphasis extreme front weighting in order to promote ultra-low spin, faster ball speeds and increased distance.

Cobra Radspeed Fairways and Hybrids

There's a forged high-strength steel face insert which combines with Cobra's distinctive Hollow Split Rails to lower the CG location, to promote a higher launch with more distance and easy playability from different lies out on the course.

Cobra Radspeed Fairways and Hybrids

If you've used Cobra fairway woods or hybrids in the last few year then you'll probably be aware of their excellent Baffler sole rails which are designed to allow the club to interact better with the ground, improving your strike from the fairway, tight lies, thick rough or even bunkers.

The Radspeed One Length measures shorter than a usual hybrid at 37.5" which is said to compliment the One Length irons for an ideal transition in a combo set.

Cobra Radspeed Fairways and Hybrids

The standard Radspeed hybrid is available in 2H (17 deg), 3H (19 deg), 4H (21 deg) and 5H (24 deg), whilst the One Length model is available in all except for the 2H. Both clubs come stock with a UST Recoil 480 ESX shaft and Lamkin Crossline grips.

Of course, you get the added benefit of the Cobra Connect grips too, where electronic sensors are embedded into the top of the grip in order to track the distance and accuracy of every shot you hit on the course so you can really work on where you need to improve.

The RADSPEED Hybrid is also available in a women’s offering (4H, 5H, 6H and 7H) in a Gloss Black & Elderberry colourway.

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