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By Jamie Kennedy

Cleveland Golf are known for their wedges and their newest wedge design, the Smart Sole wedges, are sure to turn some heads.

Cleveland say "for those golfers who want a simpler, more consistent short game, the Smart Sole wedges are a game-changer."

The idea behind the Smart Sole is to help remove the short game stress that many high handicappers suffer from. The wedges have "massive" soles designed to help you get up down from every possible lie around the green.

The Smart Sole wedges will not be available in the UK, but do come in two different models: 48-degree Smart Sole C and the 58-degree Smart Sole S.

Cleveland Smart Sole Wedges

The sole designs of both wedges are the largest Cleveland have ever produced. Everything about the new design is targeted towards producing a more consistent contact around the green. The size, shape and bounce of both wedges have been carefully crafted to help higher handicap players.

The 48-degree Smart Sole C wedge is made to help with low lofted shots around the green, shots that require the ball to run out. Cleveland say its design helps promote better technique and encourages a crisper, more consistent impact. They believe the wedge can improve the strike on the ball and thus make control the launch and distance of a golfer's chips easier.

Cleveland Smart Sole C

The higher lofted Smart Sole S wedge has a different purpose. At 58-degrees with a larger profile, the S model is engineered to get the ball in the air. Specifically designed to help aspiring players get out of the bunker easier, the Smart Sole S features the optimal loft and shape to promote a more solid contact and easier launch.

Cleveland Smart Sole S

The Smart Sole wedges feature Cleveland's standard Satin Chrome finish and are only available in those two lofts: 42 and 58 degrees. Both come fitted with a Lamkin grip and a choice of steel or graphite shaft.

Cleveland have made both models in a womens version also. They feature the same loft, finish and shaft options, with a splash of pink detailing.

Cleveland Smart Sole Womens Wedge

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Cleveland Smart Sole Wedge - Product Details

UK LaunchNovember 2013
USA Launch15 November 2013
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Club Lengths34 and 35.25 inches
Swing WeightD3, D6
Shaft NameTraction Wedge Flex (Steel), Cleveland Wedge Flex (Graphite)
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
GripLamkin 588
Manufacturer's WebsiteCleveland Website

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