Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Bunker Mentality believes in bold design.

One of Europe's most fashionable brands knows that it helps them stand out from the crowd and this year they're taking inspiration from British Mod Culture to lead the way in what they are calling 'Modern British Golf'.

Bunker Mentality Golf Clothing

The Paisley Pattern used in Bunker Mentality's 2016 Spring/Summer collection was brought back to fashion by Mod culture in the 1960's and 1980's, but you've got to go even further back for the source of the print's success.

The town of Paisley in Scotland popularised the arabesque pattern in the 18th and 19th centuries as patterned shawls left the town for all corners of the British Empire.

Polo shirts were a big part of Mod Culture, think Bradley Wiggins in his Fred Perry gear, characterised by small neat collars and various patterns including the vertical stripe. This inspired the second of this seasons Bunkered Mentality shirts which has a slimmer silhouette and a smaller collar placing it perfectly in the brands vision of the look for golf today.

Bunker Mentality Golf Clothing

By going back to the past don't think the shirts aren't at the cutting edge in terms of technical performance though. The CMax fabric used for the range keeps you cool, wicks the sweat from the body and has an inbuilt sun block.

Simon Dyson, who wears Bunker Mentality gear on Tour, has played in the shirts all over the Far East and believes they are the best he's worn to deal with hot and humid conditions.

In fact, one of the reasons why Bunker Mentality focus on distinctive design is that they believe material isn't really a differentiator in the golf shirt marketplace. With all the brands having access to similar technology it is design that makes them stand out on the shelves, and will help you stand out, and perform, on the fairways.

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