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There may be no golf on TV, you may have exhausted all of the golf documentaries you have found on the Sky Planner, but don't worry. There are also thousands of hours of golfing content on YouTube, perfect for watching and learning more about the game and the golf swing.

15 Best Golf YouTube Channels

We've picked out our 15 favourite YouTube golf channels that we think you should be watching over the next few weeks!

1. Golfalot

Active Since: February 2007

Subscribers: 10,100

About The Channel: Of course we had to include our own! As one of the first true equipment review channels on YouTube, we have over a decade of experience to bring you honest, independent opinions on the latest and greatest gear from the golfing world, along with plenty of other content along the way.

Visit the channel here

2. European Tour

Active Since: August 2010

Subscribers: 190,000

About The Channel: Despite starting up much later than the PGA Tour channel, the European Tour content has been very well received over the last couple of years, particularly because of its features including the 14 Club Challenge along with all the other interviews and highlights you'd expect.

Visit the channel here

3. Titleist

Active Since: March 2006

Subscribers: 37,800

About The Channel: Hundreds of tips to improve your game, along with the inside track on Titleist's latest products and exclusive access to some of their Tour Pros.

Visit the channel here

4. The Open

Active Since: February 2006

Subscribers: n/a

About The Channel: The official YouTube channel of The Open Championship, providing highlights, features, interviews and much more from Britain's major championship.

Visit the channel here

5. PGA Tour

Active Since: August 2006

Subscribers: 522,000

About The Channel: Highlights from every tournament, player interviews, player profiles, tournament previews, swing analysis and all the best shots and moments from golf's biggest tour.

Visit the channel here

6. The Masters

Active Since: December 2005

Subscribers: n/a

About The Channel: Provides you with behind the scenes content, interviews, highlights and plenty of other features from 85 years of tournament play at Augusta National. If you love golf, you'll love this.

Visit the channel here

7. TaylorMade Golf

Active Since: July 2006

Subscribers: 71,400

About The Channel: Exclusive, behind the scenes content with Tiger, Rory, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day and Jon Rahm? Yes please.

Visit the channel here

8. Peter Finch Golf

Active Since: October 2011

Subscribers: 248,000

About The Channel: After first gaining prominence on Rick Shiels' channel, Pete has managed to build his own impressive following with a mix of tuition videos, weekly golfing vlogs, on-course videos and his popular Quest For The Open series. He also played alongside our very own Sophie Walker at the 2020 Sunningdale Foursomes, which you can see here.

Visit the channel here

9. Erik Anders Lang

Active Since: March 2007

Subscribers: 93,400

About The Channel: Filmmaker and avid golfer Lang is the face of Skratch's Adventures In Golf whilst also producing plenty of his own content, which takes him on golfing grips all over the world to play Tour venues and meet special guests.

Visit the channel here

10. Karl Vilips

Active Since: August 2008

Subscribers: 35,300

About The Channel: Follows the golfing journey of young prodigy Karl Vilips, who was born in Australia but moved to the US and established himself as one of the best junior golfers in the world over the past few years. He is definitely a name to look out for over the next few years...

Visit the channel here

11. Rick Shiels Golf

Active Since: October 2011

Subscribers: 792,000

About The Channel: Rick has established himself as the most popular golf YouTube channel, with a blend of on-course action, reviews, tuition and plenty of fun features and challenges thrown in there too.

Visit the channel here

12. No Laying Up

Active Since: May 2014

Subscribers: 42,900

About The Channel: Said to be made up of five golf 'fanalysts', No Laying Up has established itself as the most popular podcast in golf, but has also worked to provide professional content on its YouTube channel. It offers insights into life on the Tour, as well as the 'Tourist Sauce' series which shows a full recap of the group's various different golfing holidays around the world.

Visit the channel here

13. Me And My Golf

Active Since: March 2011

Subscribers: 621,000

About The Channel: Duo Piers Ward and Andy Proudman have been creating golf instruction videos for the best part of a decade now, amassing well over half a million subscribers. As far as pure instructional content goes, you can't get much better. They also have a partnership with TaylorMade Golf too, which means they get access to their Tour Pros for some really interesting videos.

Visit the channel here

14. Mark Crossfield

Active Since: August 2007

Subscribers: 302,000

About The Channel: Based in Devon, England, Mark was one of the first PGA professionals to really use YouTube as a platform to teach golfers more about the golf swing. He is also well-known for his very honest equipment reviews, as well as the popularity of his 'course vlogs' with his golfing friends around the world, courtesy of Your Golf Travel.

Visit the channel here

15. Seb on Golf

Active Since: September 2013

Subscribers: 108,000

About The Channel: Seb Carmichael-Brown is predominantly known for his work with Hashtag United FC, set up by his brother and fellow YouTube star Spencer. Seb also runs his own golf YouTube channels which features many collaborations with other golfing 'influencers' and Tour Pros.

Visit the channel here

Are there any channels that you think we've missed? Let us know below!


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