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Technology and golf now go hand in hand. If you aren't using some form of electronic device - be it a mobile app, GPS device, rangefinder, or trolley - then you'll be the odd one out in your Saturday morning fourball.

Best Golf Tech Of 2019

Most of it is designed to make the game quicker and easier for us amateur golfers, which sounds pretty good to me. So which are the best bits of tech we have reviewed in 2019? Let's find out... In no particular order:

SkyCaddie SX500 GPS

SkyCaddie SX500

Released: 08/2018

RRP As Reviewed: £379.95

Quick Hit: Upgrade on the Touch GPS promises to be the most powerful and accurate device on the market.

The Tech: The 5 inch full HD screen provides details on over 35,000 golf courses. Dynamic HoleVue changes the angle of the hole as you move down it, so that you're always getting accurate yardages to different targets from your position on the course. IntelliGreen Pro shows all the different ridges and contours on the green to promote even more precise approach play, whilst the PinPoint Technology gives you access to daily pin locations.

Golfalot Says: "Put simply, it is the most comprehensive and best performing GPS device on the market."

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Volvik V1 Laser Rangefinder

Volvik V1 Laser Rangefinder

Released: 31/07/2019

RRP As Reviewed: £199

Quick Hit: Volvik's first ever rangefinder is simple, quick and easy with Slope mode and Pin Finder.

The Tech: The Pin Finder function helps to to lock on to your target quicker, with 6x magnification meaning that the device is accurate within 1 yard for up to 1200 yards. The Slope Compensation mode shows you both the actual yardage and the 'playing' yardage, which takes elevation into account for a more accurate figure.

Golfalot Says: "If you want a simple, compact, and affordable rangefinder then this is as good as you'll get."

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Powakaddy C2i GPS Trolley

Powakaddy C2i GPS Trolley

Released: 01/03/2019

RRP As Reviewed: £699.99

Quick Hit: Modern, easy-folding and reasonably sized electric trolley features GPS screen for comprehensive usability.

The Tech: 2.8" LCD screen houses a GPS feature where you get information on every hole, including green and hazard distances. The Simple 2 Fold System makes setting up and packing away the trolley both simple and fast, using just the yellow sections to collapse and erect.

Golfalot Says: "The Compact C2i GPS Trolley all in all is pretty impressive. It’s feature packed, with pretty much everything a golfer could wish for in a golf trolley."

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PowaKaddy C2i GPS Trolley

Bushnell Pro XE Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Pro XE Laser Rangefinder

Released: 02/2019

RRP As Reviewed: £449.99

Quick Hit: Top of the range-finder provides new Slope With Elements, but comes with a hefty price tag.

The Tech: Slope With Elements can factor in things like temperature and altitude when providing yardages for more precise numbers. Visual Jolt Technology makes it easier than ever to find the pin and be confident of the reading thanks to a flashing ring and a vibration.

Golfalot Says: "As always with Bushnell you get a product which looks and feels premium, and performed well with quick, easy and precise yardages."

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GolfBuddy aim L10 V Laser Rangefinder

GolfBuddy aim L10 V Laser Rangefinder

Released: 02/2019

RRP As Reviewed: £299.99

Quick Hit: Compact rangefinder brings new meaning to 'voices in your head' on the golf course.

The Tech: The new Voice function reads out the yardage displayed on the screen, so that you can be sure of your reading before you pick a club. There are also three distinct modes - Standard, Scan and Pin with vibration - so that you can use your own preferred method for getting fast, accurate distances.

Golfalot Says: "It's quick, easy, compact and has enough features to keep you satisfied."

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Best Golf Tech Of 2019 Summary

Whilst these devices won't be able to stop you hitting that dreaded slice into the trees, or thinning a bunker shot over the back of the green, they could certainly make things a little easier for you on the golf course by giving you more information, to help you make better decisions.

Golf gadgets like this also double as perfect Christmas gift ideas, so if you're looking for some inspiration for yourself or another golf-mad person in your life, then one of these products could be exactly what's needed.


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