Play A 2nd St Andrews Course Online

6 May 2003


The championship Jubilee Course has joined the Old Course as one of the golf courses that can be played online at the St Andrews Links website - standrews.org.uk . Each course has been recreated exactly as the original with the direction of the holes, and the humps and hollows, replicated as if you were playing the course in reality.

The courses have been developed by Golfalot.com using their unique course creation software to enable golf clubs to create online versions of their courses. These then act as unique marketing tools to increase traffic to their websites.

St Andrews Links Trust Spokesman Peter Mason commented, "The Jubilee is the second St Andrews Links course to be created online on our website and we expect it to boost the profile of this outstanding course. People who are coming to St Andrews can now get a feel for the course before they come or relive a great round when they get home."

Each course is also part of the Golfalot Tour tournament circuit on Golfalot.com, where users can play in tournaments every week. Between 19-25 May 2003 users will be able to play in a virtual version of the St Andrews Links Trophy online, on the same course and at the same time as the real event.

Martin Hopley, Managing Director of Golfalot.com is equally pleased "We are delighted to extend our relationship with St Andrews to the Jubilee Course after a successful introduction to internet golf with the Old Course. This is real fantasy golf in my opinion, where users can play online for fun and in competitions from wherever they are in the world."

Play the course online at www.Golfalot.com or www.standrews.org.uk

For more information contact Golfalot