Martin Hopley

The Ping Doc15 putter is actually surprisingly light for it's size as it really is 15 centimetres long.

It is a little more visually appealing than the Doc17 and it has a great feel off the clubface.

The sheer size of the face and arc behind it make it very easy to line up and it is very well balanced. However you pretty much have to have the sole of the Ping Doc15 putter flat on the ground, which in turn means that you have to have your hands in the exact position the lie of the shaft has been set at.

Ping can adjust this, but if you like putting with the toe up, then this is not the putter for you. At least you will very quickly know if your stance is out of line!

Overall great feel, nice to use, but it won't be in our bag as the size of it is still a little on the large side. Lovely grips though.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Ping Doc 15 C Putter

Ping Doc 15 C Putter - Product Details

Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Club Lengths34, 35 inches
Shaft TypesSteel
Putter InsertNo
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

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