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Joe: "I've potentially got around £160 to spend on a new pair of golf shoes. What would you recommend? #AskGolfalot"

Golfalot Says: Thanks for the question Joe. If you had asked us this question two or three years ago, our answer may have been very different. Recent developments in shoe styles, materials and construction have altered how many golfers choose their shoes.

With £160 to spend, you have access to some of the top-of-the-line shoes. Three pairs we would recommend you take a look at are FootJoy's XPS-1, Puma's Neo Classic ProType and the Ecco Biom Hybrid.

The FootJoy XPS-1 (£170), or Xtreme Platform Stability, shoe does exactly what it says on the tin: provides extreme stability. The wide base of the sole extends beyond the normal edge of the shoe and from certain angles the ‘outriggers’ look like parts of a stealth fighter attached to your foot. The comfort and fit are excellent, and if you are the type of player that may benefit from a more stable base, the performance is great.

The Puma Neo Classic ProType (£170), as worn by Ian Poulter, provide similar, although not as extreme, stability in a classy, simple-looking shoe. Puma have always made very bold, colourful shoes that appeal to younger generations of golfers. The Neo Classic ProType maintains Puma's fashionable design, in a simple, comfortable, Tour-level shoe.

Lastly, the Ecco Biom Hybrid (£140). So named as it combines Ecco's street sole with Natural Motion Technology. The Biom Hybrid is surprisingly light, waterproof, and keeps your foot very close to the ground. It allows your feet to do more during your swing but remains a very comfortable shoe.

All the above shoes are premium, performance shoes, that would use the majority, if not all of your budget. The Nike Lunar Control however would leave you with extra money to spend on some clothes to go with your new shoes!

The Nike Lunar Control (£80) shoe is a mid-priced shoe providing a great balance between comfort, stability and a lightweight construction. Worn by several Nike Tour players, the Lunar Control is offered in several subtle colour options, is fully waterproof, provides plenty of stability but is ultimately one of the most comfortable shoes we have tried.

All that being said, here is our best advice for spending that £160. Split the money and buy two pairs of shoes. A pair of FootJoy FJ Sports and a pair of Ashworth Cardiffs.

The FootJoy FJ Sport (£85) is a hugely popular shoe that offers tonnes of style and performance, all for less than £100. You may recognize it from watching Rory McIlroy stride the fairways on Tour with them on his feet. If you haven't tried FootJoy's BOA L4 lacing system before, it is certainly worth a try, after it was added to the FJ Sport for the 2012 season.

The Ashworth Cardiff (£75) is one of our favourite street/lifestyle golf shoes. Simple looks, a moulded, spikeless rubber sole and the type of comfort usually found from wearing slippers, makes the Cardiff a lot of fun to wear both on and off the course. They won't be your go-to performance shoe, but they are ideal for those summer evenings, links courses and quick visits to the range.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas. Be sure and let us know what you decide on. Thanks again for question.

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