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Golf's New Groove Rule Guide RSS

Groove Rules 2011

A Guide To Groove Rule Changes

Everything you need to know about the new groove rules and how and when you'll need to change your grooves.

Custom Fit Your Putter RSS

Balanced Certified Weights For Putters Review

Weighing In For A Better Putter

Customising your putter can make all the difference to your scorecard.

MOI For Irons RSS

Golf Irons

Custom Fitting Focused On Moment Of Inertia

Cutting edge technique to improve your whole set of irons.

Custom Fit Your Driver RSS

MOI Matching Golf Drivers

Make Sure Your Driver Fits Your Game

Always blaming your clubs? You might just be right!

Ryder Cup Features RSS

Ryder Cup Golf Courses

Ryder Cup Course Guide

This Ryder Cup European Course Guide offers you the lowdown on where the matches have been played and links you to the courses on which you can enjoy the experience of playing a Ryder Cup venue.