Golf practice drills from Justin Rose to help you make the most of your practice time on the golf range. For more tips, check out Golfalot's selection of instructional books and DVDs.

Before You Start

  1. Firstly warm up! Do some stretches of all your muscles in your legs, back, arms and shoulders. Hold two clubs together and slowly swing them as normal after this to warm things up further.

  2. Start with a short iron and work up through the bag. The shorter club will enable you to ease yourself into hitting shots.

  3. Aim at a target and use clubs laid on the ground in line with your feet to ensure that you are pointing in the right direction.

  4. Spend as much time on chipping and putting as you do on the long game. It counts for around 50% of your score, so give it at least 50% of your practice time.

Full Shots

  1. Aim at a target and try to get a specified number within a twenty-foot radius. Once you have done that, increase the target number or decrease the size of the circle.

  2. Pretend you are playing a round of golf on your usual course and hit the clubs you would normally expect to hit at each hole in order.

  3. Groove your pre-shot routine by going through it every time you hit a shot on the range and on the course. It will help your swing function under pressure.

  4. Concentrate on what you are doing. 25 balls with full concentration is better then 50 hit without thinking.

  5. Work out how far you can hit each club so you can take your practice to the course. Go to a flat practice ground on a calm day, hit 20 balls, pace out the distance, remove the best two and the worst two and work out the average distance. If this is not possible, play a course with a yardage chart and note how far you hit the ball with each club as you play.

Around The Green

  1. Aim at several targets and vary the length and type of short to increase you feel.

  2. With chipping take 3 balls and chip at the same flag from a variety of different lies.

  3. Throw 10 balls in a bunker and play them all as they lie.

  4. With a partner, give each other lies around the green and in the bunker and see who gets it closer. You'll soon find out who your friends are!

Putting Drills


Putt 3 golf balls from 2 feet and if you hole all three, go back to 3 feet and try from there and so on. If you miss one go 1 foot closer to the hole for the next 3 balls. If you miss 2 or more go back to the beginning.


Similar process to the ladder, but this time there are four balls around a hole at the four points of the compass, north, south, east and west. This drill is better if the hole is on a slope so that you get a putt that turns each way. Place the first circle at 2 feet and move out from there if you hole them all.


Play matchplay with a friend on the putting green. Nothing like a bit of head to head pressure to sharpen up your putting!

Single Strokeplay

Take two balls and play round the putting green in no more than 2 putts per hole. Once you have done this in one direction, reverse the direction of the round and do it again!

Small Hole

Practice aiming at something smaller than a normal hole. Try another ball, a tee peg, or even the leg of a chair on the carpet at home!

Holing Out

Spend most of your time practising putts within 6 feet of the hole as this is the length you will need to hole most often.