Mental golf video tips to win the inner mental game of golf from the Tour with Justin Rose and Scott Cranfield.

Mental Golf Tips

Many people believe that up to 90% of golf is played in your head. Once you have learned the physical skills of golf fairly well, your performance becomes as much a mind game as anything else. Here are a few key tips to help train your mind to maximise your performance.

1. Stay in the present. Only focus on the shot in hand and not on what score it is for.

2. Find a pre-shot routine and stick to it. It will help when the pressure is on. If you deviate from this or have any doubts about the shot, back off and start again.

3. Visualise the shot you are about to play. It will give you more confidence when making the shot, which in turn will increase the likelihood of it happening.

4. Trust your swing - you have spent all that time practising, so let it happen.

5. Think positive! Don't think 'avoid the water'; think 'hit the green'.